Mayweather Goes 50-0 With TKO On McGregor

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Floyd Mayweather retained his ego and bragging rights, after stopping Conor McGregor in the 10th round of their Las Vegas bout.

Money extended his record to a round 50-0 after a technical knockout of the inexperienced UFC star.

The stoppage is a first for Mayweather since 2011 and places him firmly above heavyweight boxing great Rocky Marciano.

The Irish UFC star started the fight quite well and was in the first two rounds. However, as the fight went on, he started fading away and a barrage of shots forced the referee to stop the bout.

“I would have liked the ref to let me keep going,” McGregor said afterwards. “I was a little fatigued, early on I thought it was handy, I have to give it to him.”

McGregor showed his style and slick punching skills early in the fight, but his resolve was tested as the game went on. With his reflexes and feet starting to dip on the fourth and fifth round.


Mayweather took advantage and punished his opponent, whose guard became easily penetrable for him.

McGregor was forced backwards in every round after the fifth, with the American boxer finding a home for his right fist at every turn.

Mayweather landed punches that snapped McGregor’s head back on occasion and bloodied him in the eighth, as the Irish was lacking in defence.

Despite his weak feet and lethargic arms, McGregor stuck to his guns and his ruggedness was the only thing that kept him on his feet.



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