How To Make Popcorn Using Your Microwave And Other Home Tools

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A lot of us love popcorn for a variety of reasons, ranging from the sugar and butter taste to the different flavours that makes it a tasty snack. Not very many of us however know that we can make this favourite snack at home.

Some of us that however know that we can make popcorn at home are not inclined to do so because we cannot handle the high-pitched noise and screeching of the pan while shaking the pan back and forth on the burner and tossing the kernels around so that none burn.
Investing in a popcorn device similar to air poppers is usually a good idea but you may need to have a lot of space in your kitchen to fit this device in.

While you may not know it, it is actually possible to make this snack in the microwave, using a brown paper bag. The paper bag is really not the ones you buy in grocery stores that comes pre-coated in flavours, but one that you can custom make precisely for your popcorn.

Another good thing about making popcorn with your microwave is that you can come up with your own fun popcorn flavours anyway. If you’re keen about testing this method, follow the procedures below.

The fact that a lot of popcorn, even the ones that come as natural contain a lot of trans fat and artificial flavours. The truth however is that it is actually quick and easy to make your own.

Requirements For Making Your Popcorn
The Things you need for making your favourite snack with your microwave include corn kernels, canola oil and salt/sugar (for flavour) and a brown paper lunch bag.

Steps In Making Your Popcorn
Step 1: In a small bowl, add half cup of popcorn kernels with half teaspoon of canola oil, a pinch of salt or sugar and any other seasonings you like on your snack.

The other seasonings you may need include nutritional yeast, butter or sugar as the case may be. Oil however is not a strict requirement and if you’re interested in going super light, you can leave it out.

Step 2: Pour the kernels into the bag and firmly fold the top of the bag over a few times to keep it shut.

Step 3: Microwave the bag for about 2 minutes, until you can hear the popping sound slowing down quietly. Sit by the bag and listen very carefully; because the bag isn’t coated with any fake linings. More over, the bag can catch on fire if you leave it in the microwave for too long.

The last and perhaps most important point is for you to pour your popcorn into a big bowl, turn on your television and enjoy your snack.




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