How To Know You Are In A Bad Restaurant

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Chances are if you are an observant person, you can determine within five minutes of entering a restaurant if their services will be good or bad. You can determine whether or not you will receive a good service at a restaurant by how the staffs relate with you from the moment you step in.

You’re Not Welcomed At The Door
A good restaurant should have a hostess at the door that welcomes visitors. If the one you’re visiting has one who leaves you standing and waiting for a lengthy period of time, you’re most likely at a place where they don’t pay good attention to customers.

The door is the place where first impressions are made and if you’re not properly welcomed, the restaurant probably has management issues.

You Get Ignored
An unwritten rule in the restaurant industry is that a table should be greeted within 60 seconds of being seated. While the person waiting your table may be busy and unable to get your orders or tell you the restaurant specials, it’s no excuse as it takes a moment to greet a table and tell them you’d be with them shortly.

The host may tell you that your server will be with you soon. If you however find yourself sitting for a while, maybe without even having a menu to look at, and staffs are passing by your table without so much as a smile, it could be an indication that you’re in the wrong place.

The Table Setting Is Dirty
No restaurant has an excuse for presenting guest with dirty menus or table settings. Menus can get dirty pretty easily for obvious reasons and good managers will have people wiping down the menus that were filthy with stains from guests.

Allowing dirty plates and cutlery remain on a table is totally unacceptable. While mistakes do happen even in the best of restaurants, dirty looking silverware, or lipstick stains on glasses, can easily be avoided if the restaurant employs a little bit of teamwork.

Having staffs trained to analyse and keep an eye on every aspect of the restaurant will go a long way in keeping you happy.

Tables Are Left Uncleared
The truth is no one wants to sit next to a pile of dirty dishes used by someone else and no restaurant has an excuse for Leaving them in the table whether customers ate waiting for the table or not. A good place will have someone swoop in on the table withing minutes of a guest leaving.

A good place will also not leave at clearing the tables only as they will ensure a quick sweep with a broom under and around the table to ensure that every where is free of food and spills. They will also ensure that Condiments and salt and pepper shakers get a quick wipe as they clear the table.

Customers Don’t Seem Happy
While you could just be sitter next to a Grumpy fellow, if you notice that more than one customer in a restaurant appear unhappy and they are frantically looking around for a waiter to take their order, or you observe that people are sending food back to the kitchen, chances are you’re in a bad restaurant.

The most noticeable bad signs include people waiting for a long time for their food, water glasses not being filled, and drink orders arriving after the food has already come out of the kitchen.
All these are signs that people are not having a good time at the restaurant and you may want to brace yourself up a less than satisfactory service.



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