Klopp: Messi Can Be Bought At €300 Million

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Jurgen Klopp has warned Barcelona that Neymar’s shocking sale means Messi’s ludicrous release clause of €300 million can be met.

Paris Saint-Germain shocked the world when they came up with Neymar’s €222 million release clause.

And Klopp now believes if that is possible then signing Messi for his release clause if €300 million is imaginable.

“It’s pretty simple. Until now it was simply seen as impossible,” Klopp told DAZN . “Then there is the list, with the release-clauses for Barcelona. Leo Messi, €300m.

“In a period of just a month that suddenly sounds possible too. That used to be an outrageous amount. They just set that amount randomly. I mean who would pay €300m? And now it simply happened.”

“I don’t even know if this is right,” Klopp said. “No coach would demand such a thing. That’s been decided on other levels and now he is a PSG player, obviously. A simple solution would be a rule. Where we want to go and where this should stop.

“The biggest clubs can decide on that, where they would want to set a limit. €150m or €550m or whatever, and then no one would complain anymore. This is a topic now since it happened for the first time.”



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