Henry: Arsenal Must Switch Style For Lacazette To Shine

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Former Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry has said Arsenal must ditch their current style to bring the best out if Lacazette.

Arsenal acquired Lacazette from Lyon for a fee of £46 million, with Sanchez future surrounded by uncertainty.

Henry believes the midfielders must adapt their game to suit the France international, switching to direct football.

The club’s all-time leading goalscorer told Sky Sports: “Granit Xhaka has it in his locker to play that ball over the top.

“He has an amazing left foot. If he has time on the ball he does not need to play through the middle sometimes.

“Why do you want to play what I call ‘the Arsenal ball’ to the winger who comes in the pocket? Why don’t you play the other ball?
“That’s the best ball in the game because you go straight to goal. They don’t like it.

“Does he lose the ball? No, he doesn’t lose the ball. Does it look pretty? Yes, it looks pretty. But we want to go to goal.

“That’s where we want to go. Can he play that pass? It is not difficult for Xhaka. They are going to have to learn with Lacazette.”

He added on the 26-year-old: “Because he is so sound and good on the ball, he can play on the left or on the right, but for me he is a No.9.

“When the big man comes back and hopefully he is going to come back soon, Alexis Sanchez, he is going to play on the left.

“I think Lacazette is going to play in the centre. That is where I would like to see him play. [Olivier] Giroud can offer a lot and he showed that [against Leicester] but I would love to see the partnership that Sanchez and Lacazette can create.”



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