#GameOfThrones Season 7: What To Expect From Episode 4

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The season 7 of HBO’s #GameOfThrones has continued to surprise and thrill lovers of the show as the story begins to take a good turn for the protagonists. However, HBO has had to scramble a response and deal with a recent cyber attack on the show.

Words making the rounds indicate that cyber hackers have made off with “thousands of internal company documents,” including at least one #GameOfThrones script which is of major concern to the showrunners, but this has however not deterred the fantasy series from marching on.

The fourth episode of #GameOfThrones titled, “The Spoils of War,” is expected to premier on Sunday August on HBO and August 7th on Sky Atlantic/NOW TV for people all across the world. Following the tantalizing teaser that was released last week, the network has released new gallery of action shots that cuts across the four corners of Westeros and put the major power players of the show in the spotlight.

If you are one of the keen followers of the season 7 of #GameOfThrones, chances are you will know that almost all the prominent pieces of the chess game of writer George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire are beginning to come together and cross paths.

For some of the characters involved in the chess game, they have taken a formative step towards friendship which has come with its own set of problems. One of those key characters are Jon Snow and Daenerys.


Despite the fact that the two have the same Targaryen blood running through their veins, Daenerys and Jon Snow didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye on last week’s episode titled, “The Queen’s Justice.” The recently appointed King of the North sought to mine Dragonglass to mount a suitable defense against the White Walkers and he sure showed leadership traits as he stood up to the dragon Queen.

cersei lannister
cersei lannister

On the other side in King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister seems to have worked the charm we never thought she had on the Iron Bank to convince them to throw in more money thanks to her abrupt raid on Highgarden. The raid seems to have ostensibly wiped out the Tyrells, with the last remaining Olenna managing to have the last laugh by revealing herself to be the true culprit behind Joffrey’s death and sowing what seems like a seed of distrust against Cersei in the mind of Jamie Lannister.

Arya Stark

Episode 4 of #GameOfThrones will most likely see the return of Arya Stark to Winterfell, just as Sansa will battle with the brooding and crafty Littlefinger. Theon Greyjoy has also made landfall at Dragonstone after abandoning his sister Yara and that would set the stage for a confrontation with Jon Snow.

Remember that Jon Snow is still of the believe that Theon was responsible for the ‘deaths’ of Bran and Rickon (even though he witnessed the killing of the latter), long before Winterfell fell into the hands of the Boltons, which will make him a little less pleased to see his old acquaintance in the flesh after all these years.

With the penultimate season of #GameOfThrones nearing it’s end, there’s definitely a lot to keep you glued to your television screens.



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