The Foods You Should Closely Watch Their Expiration Dates

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Just that there are a number of foods that can remain edible for years despite the expiration dates written on them, some need to be closely watched and adhered to. Most of the foods that fall into this category come in liquid form and sticking to their expiration dates can save you money and prevent a visit to the hospital.

Infant Formula
Infant formula is one of the foods that particular attention must be given to the expiration dates on the containers. This is because the expiration date on the containers are totally important to keep to, most especially since your infant cannot tell if the taste of the formula is off.

Do your best to stick to the expiration date printed on the packaging, and be sure to use it within two to three days after opening, or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also essential that you adhere to the storage instructions on the container to ensure freshness. Infant formula needs to be stored in a cool, dark place with a stable temperature.

The shelf life of yogurt mostly depends on if the package of the food has been opened or not. If a yogurt package remains sealed, it can still be good for between a week or two after the expiration date printed on it, especially if it has been kept refrigerated.

Any yogurt that has been opened must be eaten within 7 days, if you’re to obtain the best quality (even though it may still be good after).

It is important to be on the lookout for any mold growth on your drink as it is a critical sign your yogurt has gone bad. Also remain to discard if you leave it at room temperature for more than two hours.

Leftover food
It is best to eat your Leftover food as quickly as possible and store them immediately as the safest length of time they can stay at room temperature is two hours. Refrigerating the food immediately helps to slow do the multiplication of bacteria, which makes it safe for it to be eaten the next day, but not long afterwards.
Leftover foods will only be good for about two to three days, after which you must discard them if you’re to avoid being sick.

Raw Meat
If you’re buying packaged raw meat, it is important you follow the expiration date. A lot of meat, fish, and poultry should only be stored in the fridge for a couple of days. Thicker cuts of meat such as a steak can however last for up to five days.
If you don’t plan on cooking your raw meat within the few days of purchasing them, store them in the freezer. This will help to keep them fresh and edible for months.

In general, milk is mostly good for up to a week after the sell-by date written on the package it came in. You should however sniff any milk you purchase just to be sure. If the milk has changed colour, smells funky, became thick or shows signs of clumps, discard immediately.

A good way to make your milk last longer is to keep it properly refrigerated by keeping it on a shelf inside the fridge instead of storing it on the door, where it will be exposed to rapid temperature fluctuations when the door is opened.



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