The Expiration Dates You Shouldn’t Bother Paying Attention To

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Due to the availability of modern preservation techniques and refrigerators, food can last for quite a while and expiration dates no longer matter much. It can however be quite tricky to know how long food can last for even though a lot of items come marked with an expiration date.

There are a number of expiration dates that it is important you put into consideration, some others are pretty much loose. But how can you know the ones that you don’t need to pay attention to? Here are some of the expiration dates on common food produce you can afford to disregard.

A lot of people store bread at room temperature but the best way of lengthening it’s lifespan is to refrigerate it. The risk with this however is that your bread may dry out, but it will nonetheless be edible.

You can freeze your bread for a few months and it will still be good enough to eat. If not, it will only remain good for only a few days. You can also freeze bread for a few months.

It is pretty much difficult to tell if an egg is good or bad until you pretty much crack it open. While it is common knowledge that a good way to tell if an egg is going bad is to immerse it in water, and if it floats, it is bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean the egg is safe to eat.

Generally, eggs are good to eat between 3 to 5 weeks after purchasing them, but they can last much longer if they are properly stored in the refrigerator.

The best way of knowing that an egg is rotten is to crack them open and smell them. If it is an old egg, chances are it will give off an unpleasant odour. You should immediately discard them in the thrash if this happens.

Natural fruit juices are mostly acidic and that makes it difficult for bacteria to form and multiply in them. What this means is that your juice will remain good and fresh way past its expiration date. Vegetable juice on the other hand will most likely go bad close to the expiration date written on the pack, but can however last longer if it is blended with the juices of other fruits.

Juices that are not made from fresh fruits however mostly contain a lot of added sugar that serves as a preservative for it. For example, fresh apple cider can only be fresh and good for consumption about a week after its expiration date while bottled apple juice can stay good for up to three months. Juice that has gone bad will usually smell sour or grow mold.

Canned Foods
Almost all canned foods come with expiration dates printed on them, but it is not too necessary to follow them strictly. Some acidic foods, such as canned tomatoes, can remain good for between a year to two years. Canned meats can also last that years after the expiration date written on the container.

To get the best results however, it is best you store your canned Foods in a cool, dry place. Storing them in a warm environment will diminish their lifespan and also affect the quality of the food whenever you finally get around to eating it.

Honey is one food that is known to hardly ever spoil, and this is because it contains very little moisture which makes it difficult for any sort of organism to live in it and create the reactions that will make it go bad.

That however doesn’t mean that you should leave the container or jar of your honey open. For your honey to remain fresh and unspoiled, it is important you keep the lid tightly-closed to prevent moisture from getting to it. Remember to also store your honey away from sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.

The determinant of whether your pasta will spoil or not, depends on how it’s made. Fresh home made pasta will usually stay good for only a few days since it is made with eggs.

Dried pasta is however usually not made with eggs, and this allows it to last for a year or two past the expiration date. It will last longer if it’s kept in the original pack it came in or if stored in a tightly-closed container to keep out air.




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