All The Crazy Myths About Pubic Hair You Should Stop Believing Now

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Whether due to superstitions or some other unknown things, pubic hair has had a lot of myths surrounding them ranging from the simple to the unbelievable. It has also been given an array of names ranging from magic carpet to bush, happy trail and a number of names that has given birth to rumours about them especially as it relates to women.

If you’ve ever wondered which of the myths about them are false and which are true, here are the facts you need to know.

It Makes Sex Less Enjoyable
This myth varies from one woman to another despite the fact that many women think pubic hair provides cushion and protection and also less friction between the sheets, making sex smoother.

Some women however prefer more intense action that can be provided by when they are hair-free. There’s a high chance that you can get direct stimulation without having a buffer but it depends on how much you prefer it and how much stimulation or pressure you require to achieve orgasm, to determine if the hair is a hindrance or not.

It Protects Against STDs
This myth is false as pubic hair can promote STDs by acting as a breeding ground for bacteria. The fact is being without pubic hair leaves your nether regions cleaner. Despite the fact that researchers haven’t studied much about the germs in pubic hair specifically, some studies have shown alarming amounts of bacteria in beards.

A lot of women however are of the opinion that pubic hair protects them from genital warts and STDs that result from skin-to-skin contact. The hair around your private part is not sufficient enough to protect against STDs, and can in fact allow viruses to thrive according to a Chinese study that concluded HPV present in a man’s pubic hair could lead to HPV-related issues in their female partners.

Don’t Shave If You Have Sensitive Skin
I could just mean that you need to change your approach if you have sensitive skin and not stop shaving completely. Shaving aggressively real close to the skin and not using any type of emollient shave cream will make you more prone to breaking out or having a cut.

The bacteria in your nether region can easily have access to areas under your skin and may cause bumps and infections. If you’re keen about having your pubic area smooth, you can make use of a shave cream or any other hair-removal methods like waxing or laser hair removal.

The Colour Matches The Hair On Your Head
Not exactly so. If you’re keen on knowing the truth, check out your brows and compare for a more accurate prediction. Pubic hair actually matches the colour of your eyebrow more and the only difference being that it’s a little more courser.

Full Public Hair Is A Turnoff
The truth is this depends on your partner but some evidences exist that points to the fact that pubic hair could be a turn-on because it’s full of pheromones. The sebaceous glands are much in hair-bearing skin and they produce an odourless secretion.

This secretion mixes with the bacteria that are present on the skin and in the hair, and it produces a scent called a pheromone which can cause a stronger smell if you have pubic hair or if you don’t groom because the population of bacteria in the area will be high. This may attract you or your partner to it if you’re scent sensitive and it may not be too appealing.

Pubic Hair Never Stops Growing
This myth is wrong as the it stops growing at some point. The hair will stop and basically stay at a certain level, before proceeding to shed and grow new ones. The length at which it stops however varies from person to person, but it generally stops between 0.5 and two inches.

It may go on to become thinner, especially in women experiencing menopause or people that have hormone deficiencies. Some women in time go completely bald in the area, while some will have sparse, much finer, and much less densely populated.




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