Bellew Interested In Fighting UFC Star Bisping

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Tony Bellew says facing UFC champion Michael Bisping inside a boxing ring or an MMA ring is appealing to him.

The Merseyside boxer will be in Las Vegas to see Mayweather take on another UFC star, Conor McGregor in a crossover fight.

Bellew seems interested to try a mixed martial arts professional and for someone that has dabbled in other combat codes, he finds it appealing.

“I can wrestle, I can grapple, I punch hard, I can kick and I’ve got some kickboxing experience,” Bellew told Sky Sports.

“You can forget about me getting in the cage with Jon Jones [UFC light-heavyweight champion] – not a chance.

“But if you’re asking if I would get in the cage with a puncher in the UFC? Mike Bisping is a guy who is predominantly known as a puncher and he’s a very strong wrestler as well.

“I think I could get down to 185[lbs]. If the money is right, then Tony Bellew would happily enter a cage or a ring. Maybe let’s do one of them each.

“I’m a Michael Bisping fan, but if the money was right then the fan stuff goes out the window.”



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