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Living your life daily can be fulfilling, but living your life and exploring your talents at same time is the ultimate form of satisfaction. That is the story of Gbenga Sanya, a trained accountant and owner of Arslord Band, a repertoire band which has been in existence since 2012. Gbenga aka Arslord  took up his music talent to it’s oars with the creation of the band and has not looked back since then, plying his stock to the highest parties and making even the rich throw their inhibitions away and dance to their hearts delight. Arslord band in this brief chat with 360nobs tells us more about his hit single ‘Ashake’ and the next level in his music career.Enjoy his interview…

Who is Arslord band?

Arslord Band is an African repertoire team of professional singers and instrumentalists. The band is more of Highlife genre with fussion of Jazz; in both secular and contemporary music.

How long have you been an entertainer and what is your niche?

Arslord Band started professionally in 2012, hence we have featured in many shows, dropped many singles and participated in countless concerts across Nigeria and the West African Coast. The name Arslord emanates from ‘’AS LORD LIVETH”, formerly it was just a slogan before we shortened it to ARSLORD to make it more cultured and compatible.

Most people prefer hiring a DJ for their parties than lifebands, can you highlight three  benefits of using a lifeband for your parties?

There are numerous benefits of engaging a Live Bands for our parties and occasions, chief among the benefits are;

  1. It gives room for spontaneous personalization. i.e, praise singing the celebrants and other dignitaries in attendance.
  2. Live Bands lovers can enjoy truly rich sound of the guitars, talking drums and other acoustic instruments on display.
  3. Live Band helps to keep the transfer of instrumentalists knowledge alive, passing from one generation to the other. Because Live Bands music are not programmed beats.

 Arslord Band-Gbenga Sanya-008-360nobs

You have few singles in circulation can you tell us about them?

We have over six (6) singles released recently from which we are shooting one video, among our singles are;  Ashake, Cucumber, Disco Highlife, Jazz Hour, Sisi Obalende and Jenifer while we have in studio another hit, titled Spender featuring Superstar Durella aka King of the Zanga.

What’s up with your latest single Ashake and what plans do you have for it?

Ashake video will be tentatively released on 1st of October, 2017 by God’s grace. This is to celebrate Nigeria Independence Day. This video is going to be one of the best in Africa and none of its kind in the world.

Arslord Band-Gbenga Sanya-001-360nobs

There are so many music videos out there, what would make Ashake video different?

What makes ASHAKE so unique is; The Storyline. The Africanness. The Originality. The Wedding Appeal. The Promise kept Allure. My brother the list is endless. As they say,” the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. Just wait for the ASHAKE VIDEO to be out. It promises to be a banger!

Listen to Aslord Band’s Ashake below

What basic challenges have you experienced as an artist?

Challenges in music nowadays are beyond talent, it is no more a child’s play neither is it a business for the poor. In this 21st century, no matter how talented you are, you need huge money to fly the flag. Even our so-called Talent Hunt shows have become a scam, being a contestant now is like gaining admission into university. The industryis for the nouveau riche.

How do you balance your profession as an accountant, your music career and family?

As a father who is passionate to become great, my priority is education which can easily make a constant income for human growth. Without my profession as an accountant over the years, I wouldn’t have been able to raise money from my earning to build a studio or be who I am today. We have more than 14 band members (Male and Female) that made up The ARSLORD BAND, and to the glory of God we are doing very fine.

Gbenga Sanya working as an accountant

Managing a band which is made up of different creative individuals is tough. How do   you ensure professionalism in your band members?

Having control over whatever that belongs to you is as simple as taking good care of that belonging. We work professionally because there is Do’s & Don’t, what bonded us together is sheer Responsibility. If you play your role, your return is this and if you do not, you get nothing. This is the core value of the  Arslord Band  administrations over the years.

  What does the future look like for Arslord band?

Arslord Band recently secured the management of “SATTMEDIA” and since their advent, we have been able to do more exploits. Before this year runs out Arslord Band will be very more versatile and relevant in the entertainment industry. Right now we are fully ready to give all our cherished fans the fantasy of good music. As you know that our strength remains evergreen lyrics and sophisticated rhythms. We have come to make ARSLORD BAND a household name and all what we need to achieve this vastness is our fans support. Music is the food of Love!

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