6 Common Nutrition Tips You Should No Longer Believe

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Chances are you’ve changed your mind about fashion and lifestyle much more than you can remember but same can’t be said about nutrition. You may however consider changing some beliefs regarding nutrition if you put into consideration new facts that are better relied on as opposed to your whims.

Here are some common nutrition tips you should no longer believe.

Not Eating The Egg Yolk
One thing that is true is the fact that there are a lot of inherent benefits in eating whole eggs, yolks included. More so, eating whole eggs will be highly beneficial, since yolk contains much of the eggs’ nutrients, and can also make meals more satisfying.

If you must stay off yolks, it is best to eat egg whites in omelets, especially if you like to add cheese during the preparation. The average person will get his calories needs from three whole eggs and cheese.

Not Eating Butter
For obvious reasons, butter isn’t advised but a little bit of fat never kills anyone. A teaspoon of butter used in cooking or small amount eaten with bread is good. Small fats can help to satiate you and can also result in you consuming fewer calories overall.

Nonetheless, you should be more concerned with eating mono and polyunsaturated fats as opposed to saturated fat.

Choosing White Meat Over Dark Meat
The truth is very little difference exists in the amount of calories and fat present in white meat as opposed to dark meat. As such, it’s best for you to choose which one of the meats you will enjoy more.

If you’re not interested in eating plain grilled meat or chicken, then don’t! If you however choose to eat dark meat, be sure to remove the skin as it is packed full of saturated fats which may result in cardiovascular diseases.

Buying non-fat Yogurt

The truth is yogurt that contains some amount of fat can be much more satisfying than those that contain no fat. Taking yogurt with fat is not such a bad idea but you should ensure that the day is minimal.

You should however stay away from full-fat yogurt, if you’re particular about your health. A good way of determining whether or not you should eat full-fat yogurt, is to take a look at your whole diet. If you’re someone that takes more of plant based foods, then you can eat more saturated fats available from full-fat dairy. If you however consume a lot of meat, then there’s a chance that you already have enough.

Always Eat A Snack Before Eating Out
For a long time, it was believed that eating something before dining out or attending a party will help prevent you from digging into the bread basket but that isn’t the case anymore. More often than not, people who love bread will eat it no matter what they previously snacked on, so why not save the calories from the snack and put it toward the bread? Everything evens out in the long run.

Eating Whole-wheat Pasta Instead Of White Pasta
Refined grains are fortified, which means they have more B vitamins and iron than undefined grains which is the major reason why whole-wheat pasta is preferable. If you however want to indulge in white pasta, make sure you enjoy it in the proper 1-cup serving size along with healthy toppings such as vegetables and beans. Other meals that can provide whole-grain options include oats and barley.




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