5 Characters That Needs To Die As Soon As Possible On Power

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Very few television shows are as exciting and entertaining on television as Power at the moment and this can be adduced to the interesting and annoying characters. Very few shows have characters that viewers hate to the core as much as Starz’s Power and there are quite a number that viewers would love to see dead.

A good example of one of those characters on Power is Holly, who though most of us didn’t like the way she died, was annoying as hell throughout her entire time on the show. Greg Knox is another character who’s death was worth it, especially given the fact that he was a spiteful, jealous, obsessive loser who just had to make his way off the show.

Not all the characters that are worthy of being killed off have died however. As such, here is a list of the power characters that we would love to see killed off the show.

Tariq St. Patrick

Tariq st. Patrick
This one isn’t so hard as he ranks on top of the garbage list of characters on Power. He and Angela Valdez are probably struggling for top spot on the list of most hated characters on Power. While it is understandable that Tariq is a kid, fact is he is one enormously stupid one. With all the money spent on private school, he sure should have learnt or known better than to talk to strangers.

More so, Tariq is disrespectful to his dad, mom and sister which makes him the most foolish, spoilt and privileged brat that has little or no idea how good a life he has. While his dad is to blame for not communicating properly with him, that’s pretty much not an excuse for him to be the weak link in the St. Patrick family since the beginning of Power.

Tariq needs to realise how much of an annoying and disrespectful ingrate he is. And of course, he needs to realise that he has pretty much been wasting time looking for something he already has in his dad before kicking the bucket.

Cooper Saxe

Cooper Saxe power
If you think about it, Cooper Saxe appears not to do much that should warrant his death from the show but deep thought would reveal that he is an annoying smug. While it is pretty much difficult to stand how annoying Angela Valdez can be, Cooper is more or less a jealous co-worker that everyone pretty much dislikes.

He may not be annoying enough to warrant being killed on Power, but we won’t be aversed to seeing him get a little of what he has had coming for him, for hating on his coworker.

Mike Sandoval

Michael Sandoval power
While a lot of us probably appreciated the fact that he helped put an end to Greg Knox, thus sparing us his annoying mien. Nonetheless, Mike Sandoval is more or less a snake that needs to be chopped and screwed in a matter of extreme pain.

The question is when will his coworkers find out how much of a snake he is and someone probably beat and shoot him. Or perhaps get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But we imagine that the former would be better for the snake.


Dre power
Dre seems like a pretty ungrateful fellow considering how Tommy and Ghost have helped him. What would it have taken him to just tell Tommy what happened with the annoying and stupid Tariq.
We all know that Kanan threatened him and his daughter but notwithstanding, he could have done better as the duo of Tommy and Ghost will surely have his back. While a lot of us may actually not want Dre to die, we may surely get to the part where Dre would be found out for the two timing person he is and the guys that had his back from the onset maybe a little less pleased at his ambition and lies.


Kanan power 50 cents
50 Cent has been able to reprise the role of Kanan So well that he has become exceptional at making us love and loathe him at the same time. The fact is he has every right t be angry at Ghost for setting him up and also trying to kill him, but very few of us wished he had survived the fire.

Kanan all but killed his own son, despite the fact that he was a deadbeat father that wasn’t there for him. Kanan is one character that can easily be hated, especially given the alliances he formed with his lesbian cousin cop Jukebox (played wonderfully by Anika Noni Rose).

He has done some good by killing Jukebox to help Tariq and Ghost stay alive but that sure isn’t enough to take him away from a list of characters that needs to die.




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