360Fresh: Jo Deep – Here I Am to Worship (Cover)

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Jo Deep - Here I Am to Worship (Cover)

Jonathan ‘Deep’ Ojapa a.k.a Jo Deep is a regular dude devoted to using every form of art he lays his hands on as a channel for sharing the truths he learns from God’s word. He is a pastor at The Lifeway Chapel, Lagos.

Here I am to worship is one of my greatest songs of all time. It properly describes the Action and Heart of our God and saviour. Because of who He is and what He has done, we are here to worship.

Preparing to record the sketches for my forthcoming ”We are deep” album in the parlour of my family house. I needed to do a test recording so I know what and what I would need to adjust.

Guess what my test song was? Here I am to worship!! from test mic checks one two straight into worship mode! and once I heard the recording and others heard it too, we decided to share it with you all. I trust it would bless you.



  DOWNLOAD: ‘Jo Deep - Here I Am to Worship (Cover)‘ (3.1 MiB, 334 hits)

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Oghene Michael

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