Women Get In Here! These Are The First Things Men Notice About You

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While you may think a pretty face is the ideal first thing men look out for when they stare at women, you’d be surprised that it is way more than that. A lot of women are pretty much clueless about the things that draws men over to start a conversation with them and you definitely can’t blame them for that.

Men can sometimes shroud in secrets the things that they admire, as a means of adding a bit of mystery to their personality. And except for the cheesy pickup lines that are common, quite a huge number of women have no idea why they seem to attract a lot of men.

Every discerning woman can probably take a wild guess as to the things that men are checking out on their bodies when they take a walk on the streets, it is important that you know for sure the things that catch our fancy.

Your Face
While it is pretty easy to decipher this, as much as Thirty-eight percent of men according to research say that the first things that gets their attention when they see a woman is her face. The reason for this is not far-fetched as the face is where you look at to determine the personality of a person, including when you’re holding a conversation with them.

Your Body
Even though Thirty-eight percent of men say the face is the first thing they notice about women, a significant percentage still find the female body as the thing they admire first.

Thirty-four percent of men the butt of females are the first thing that catches their fancy and this was closely followed by the boobs which had about eighteen percent and ten percent, saying they notice the legs of females first. What this means is that as much as 62 percent of men first notice body parts before any other thing.

What Do Women Notice First?
Surveys regarding the things that women notice in men are somewhat similar as it shows that the first things women look out for in men at the beach are the abs, followed by his face, then arms—but never his package.
When it comes to any regular man on the street however, women appear to be more interested in the eyes, followed by his smile, his height, and then hands. What this means is that men appear to be more critical and analytical when staring at women.

What Are The Reasons For The Choices?
The reason that lies behind the choices of men regarding the things they notice first about women vary. Some men say they notice boobs and butt first because that is what they like. Others believe that they notice the eyes and face depending on the direction at which they sighted the woman in question.

Furthermore some men say they notice the face and smile of women first because that’s what they admire most about women, just as some believe that they easily notice the legs first because they can stare without drawing attention to themselves.




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