Thinking Of Making Barbecue? Here Are Five Must-follow Rules

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Whether it’s meat, chicken, Turkey or fish, we all love to have a taste of them when they are grilled or made as barbecue but few of us know how to go about it. While grilling and BBQing may seem easy as we will see it as nothing more than buying our choice of quality meat, starting a fire and cooking the meat over the fire until it’s done.

This is actually true but there are a number of essential laws to follow to ensure that your barbecue is not undercooked or overcooked. Here are five laws that will ensure you make the best tasting barbecue.

Be Patient For Your Coals To Get Ready
To get the best results from your grill, it is essential you have the patience to wait for your coals to flame out and turn white. The white-hot coals are some of the things that makes you a master griller.

They not only provide your barbecue meat with the right and even temperature, but they can also help to sear your burgers and steaks without causing them to char into something you can’t eat with huge flames.
Remember that your coals should stay hot for about an hour after they’ve turned white, to get the best barbecue. This will also give you enough time to cook.

Brush Your Grates And Wipe Them With Oil
If you want your barbecue having grill marks, then you need to buy a cheap grill brush and also remember to keep your grill clean. Failing to clean it will result in a buildup of leftover gunk coating your grates which prevents them from searing your meat.
Once the grates are scraped clean, wipe them with a bit of vegetable oil to help lubricate them and give you more pronounced grill marks. It also helps to prevent your food from sticking to the grill.

Season Your Meat A Lot
Freshly made barbecue tastes good once taken off the grill but will taste much better when you cover them with layers of salty, sweet and spicy flavours. Take as much time as you can to season your meat and vegetables with salt, pepper and oil.

You can also experiment with herbs and other spices as you get better. If you have enough time on your hands, you can allow the seasoned meat sit in the fridge overnight, to make the flavours more pronounced. If you can’t, just ensure that the seasoning is applied right before the meat goes on the grill.

Stay Close While Cooking
It is quite easy for even the most experienced griller to abandon the grill. No matter how confident you are of your skills, it is important to never forget your barbecue on the grill. Even the most experienced grill master can’t abandon the grill. Uncontrolled grease fire can cause your meat to burn and stay uncooked.

You can avoid this by simply adjusting the airflow of your grill but being away from it won’t make you available for the necessary tweaks. The best thing to do is to grab a chair and an ice-cold drink while you stay around the grill till the meat is cooked.

Allow The Meat To Rest Once It Comes Off The Grill
For you to be successful at grilling, it is important that you’re patient. While your meat may look like it’s cooked once it comes off the grill, it is essential you Allow it rest. Cutting it right away will mean that the seasoning and juice rushes out onto your cutting board.

By allowing the meat to rest, there’s a high chance that the juices and seasoning remains in the meat. You can cover the meat with foil paper while it’s resting. Most times large chunks of meat will continue to increase in temperature for a few minutes after its taken off the grill and a good rule of thumb is to allow it sit before you cut into it.



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