#TheVoiceNigeria Season 2: The Ups And Downs Of The Blind Auditions

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As a lot of young talented voices aspire to be the top voice at season 2 of #ThevoiceNigeria, it is pertinent to not that it takes a lot for them to give their best in front of the Coaches and millions of viewers. Furthermore, accepting the criticisms of the Coaches on their performances and maintaining a positive attitude if the response isn’t favourable takes a lot of strength and courage.

With only the third episode of #ThevoiceNigeria Airing so far, it is evident that there are a lot of talents looking to get to the top. So far, most of the talents have accepted criticisms from the Coaches in good faith, perhaps with the belief that the auditions are about learning and not just getting to the next round.

Episode One of #ThevoiceNigeria saw Favour Koroma crying as none of the Coaches deemed her performance worthy of a turn. All the Coaches however put up a “show” for her by dancing on stage, trying to cheer her up. This managed to lift her spirits, as she was seen laughing.
Episode Two of #ThevoiceNigeria continued in the same light as Alero Voice Aganbi, sang her heart out but the passion and zeal she showed in her performance was not enough for her to even have just one of the Coaches turn for her.
She nonetheless put up a brave face when Waje reluctantly made it known to her that despite the fact that she had a sweet voice, she couldn’t take her as she had somebody that had similar attributes with her on her Team already. This rejection however did not dampen Alero’s spirit as she walked off the stage with a brief dance and a smile.
Some of the other Talents who also didn’t make it to the next round showed their disappointment but still managed to put up a brave face as they listened to feedback from the Coaches.
There was however a twist in Episode Two which served as an indication that not all the acts took their rejection from the auditions well. Henry McJohn literally walked off the stage after his performance, without giving the Coaches a chance to give feedback, and this left everyone stunned!
Host of #ThevoiceNigeria, IK Osakioduwa and V-Reporter, Stephanie Coker caught up with him backstage and tried to talk to him but the young act was not up to it as he failed to respond to their probing.

Nonetheless, the show seems to be heating up and a lot of drama would surface in the weeks to come.



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