#ThevoiceNigeria Season 2, Episode 6: Kelvin Audu Gets The Last 4 Chair Turn

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The last Episode of the Blind Auditions of #ThevoiceNigeria did not by any means drop in standard when compared to the previous five Episodes.  All the Talent brought their A-Game as to be expected, however; no one expected Timi Dakolo to break the rules and add an extra 13th Talent to his Team.

However, not all talents that step on the stage of #ThevoiceNigeria get the privilege of having all 4 Coaches give them a chair turn. Only a few talents are able to achieve the elitist mark of singing so beautifully that all four Coaches have no choice than to turn and attempt to lobby the talents on to their respective Teams.

Some of the pioneering inductees Precious of #TeamTimi and Favour of #TeamPatoranking settled into their spots comfortably, followed by Kendris and Idyl who were both inducted into #TeamTimi as well.
The next Talent that appeared to wow the Coaches and the audience of #ThevoiceNigeria was Arewa, who stepped up and stunned everybody first into silence, then a thundering applause as she landed on #TeamWaje. Wow took up the gauntlet and ‘baritoned’ his way into the elitist group,and thereafter picked up a slot on #TeamWaje.

The sixth and last Episode of the Blind Auditions of #ThevoiceNigeria brought a new and final inductee into the 4-Chair-Company in the person of Kelvin ‘Shayee’ Audu. He pulled off the amazing feat by singing ‘Take a bow’ by Rihanna. His delivery of each note was very much on point even though he switched up some of th lyrics of the song. He went on to to choose to be on #TeamYemi.

With the Blind Auditions of #ThevoiceNigeria out of the way, and the Battles of the talents getting closer, it would be interesting to see how the elitist group of Talents that got all four Coaches to turn will square off against the other Talents on their respective Teams.



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