The Subtle Information Women Gather From Your Wristwatch

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Your Wristwatch is perhaps one of the few fashion items that women can deduce immediate signals about your personality as a man from. Your timepiece tells women a lot more than you think as most women will notice it immediately and proceed to make assumptions.

But how sure are you that the wristwatch you’re wearing is providing women with the right kind of information you want them to have about you? Read on and choose the one that matches your personality.

A Bare Wrist Without A Watch
A bare wrist doesn’t speak well of any man except when he’s under water or is in surgery. Men that are comfortable with this are seen as Immature and people who see their phone as a substitute for a watch.

Women will also likely see you as someone who will be at least 15 minutes late for everything and who probably won’t ever buy them any jewellery.

The Chronograph Dive

Except you’re a swim or dive enthusiast, very few women will appreciate this timepiece on your wrist. It comes as a water proof and tiny chronographs that works under water and if you won’t be diving to as much as 10,000 feet below, why spend money on it?

Women will see you as someone that would have loved to be an athlete but presently has a boring corporate job. If you’re however the adventurous type or someone that’s up for it (despite never getting into any), you can indulge yourself with a Chronograph drive.

The Apple Wristwatch

The apple wristwatch is more or less the smaller version of your iPhone that you have affixed to your hand, and helps provide a shortcut to your messages and calls on your wrist.

With most women being financially prudent, they will probably think you as the type of man that spends all of his money on gadgets and one who will be patient enough to go after the things he wants. This watch is best for Apple geeks and tech nerds.

The Slim Dress Watch

With its simplicity of the dress watch which mostly comes in a plain face, it always seems to be able to match well with jeans as it can with suits.

A lot of women will see you as someone suitable for marriage when you down this wristwatch as it gives you off as someone that has a plan for his future, with an ability to handle most difficulties that comes his way.

The Retro Digital Watch

The digital watch was perhaps the first that came with a cutting edge in the 1990s. They provide an antiquated appearance when compared to a lot of the smart wristwatches that I’d everywhere today.

The Retro Digital Watch tells her you’re the kind of man that loves to drink with strangers and easily gets overwhelmed with the moment. If you’re a hipster, you’ve got the perfect timepiece.

The Diamond-Encrusted Wristwatch

This watch always comes with a large face and encrusted with jewels which can be real or fake. They are usually flashy and plain ridiculous just like the people who choose to wear them.

Women see people that wear this wrist watches as people who spend most of their weekend nights in clubs and their mornings recovering from the activities of the previous night. The watch is reserved for gangsters and those who will rather show off by ordering bottles they can’t afford to impress people around them.

The Very Expensive Luxurious Watch

Brand names like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling are known for their luxury collections and women knows it points to how expensive you are. These watches are reserves for men that earn very high and can dispose them easily.

Women see men that wear this as people who can take care of bills easily but won’t have enough time to accommodate their shenanigans.




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