How To Stay Healthy And Fit Through The Seasons

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Staying healthy through the dry and wet season can be a huge and burgeoning task, especially knowing how much health costs are skyrocketing. With each season comes it’s own specific needs and knowing exactly what suits one can help you keep your not only your mental but also your physical health in top shape.
With the rainy season bringing with it a lot of water and puddles that encourage the breeding of insects and the dry season coming with a lot of dust and heat that causes a lot of allergic reactions, it’s best to know what to do in each season. Nonetheless, there are certain things that you can generally do to be healthy and keep it that way all the time. Here are just a few.

Eat The Right Food
When you have longer days and shorter evenings, there’s always the temptation to want to do takeaways and eat a lot of junk foods. You should however remember that eating a balanced meal is important. Ensure that take warm foods during the cold seasons to keep your body in the right frame all through the season.

Know That Being Healthy Is All About Your Mind
From the moment your alarm goes off in the morning and you’re supposed to force yourself out of bed for an early morning jog, it takes a high level of mental strength to drag yourself out of bed. If you’re to keep yourself healthy, you have to develop the mind to exercise and dump any excuse not to stick to your exercise routine. Whether it’s cold or hot, develop your mind to a stage where you won’t mind exercising your body and you’d be able to stay healthy always.

Never Set The Bar Too High
If you have a little extra weight, you should know that exercising won’t immediately slim you down. Encourage yourself by starting and sticking to your exercise schedule. Start with slow workouts and time and gently work yourself up till you get the type of body you desire. The most important is to start and the workouts will sort themselves out once you remain committed.

Stretch Out Your Body
If you’d be participating in exercise or any sporting activity during the rainy season, be sure to know that the biggest threat to you is soft tissue injuries. As such, be sure to stretch a little bit more before commencing your exercises and after you’re done with them. Failing to do this would mean you don’t stay healthy and you will most likely be spending a fortune on treating your injuries.
It is important you remember that it’s all about momentum and you keep to it by writing and tracking how fit you are through the seasons, which helps you with accountability. You can employ a fitness tracker to assist you with this.

Enjoy The Cool More
While work and errands may keep you almost always going out in the sun, it is essential you go out and enjoy the cool season more. The rainy season is a great time to enjoy not inlay the rains but the cool weather that comes with. Whether it’s a sporting event or a walk for fun, try to spend some time outside in the cool weather and for much longer than you would during the sunny days.



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