The Seven Different Things That Passes Through Our Minds When We See Women Naked

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It can be difficult knowing the things that passes through a man’s mind when he is about to have sex and has a full view of a naked woman. The truth is most of us will pause and look when we are in the moment simply because we just love to watch. The thing however is that visual cues and responses are a major part of the sexual response for men.

The female body has some sort of hypnotic power over men, especially when naked during sex or otherwise. If you’re a woman wondering what runs through our minds when a naked woman is in view, here are seven things every man thinks when they see a naked woman.

“Damn, I’m a lucky dude.”
Nudity sure gives a lot of us an immense sense of gratitude and while we may not say it, we sure are thinking it.

“What part of her body is she self conscious about?”
While we obviously have our own insecurities, we sometimes find it difficult to comprehend the reasons while women feel inhibited while we are enthralled by their bodies. We love those moments when you show a complete sense of self-confidence about your body parts.

Any sense of awkwardness such as covering your body parts or hiding under a blanket will have us trying to do all we can to make you feel comfortable. And while its totally OK, we see it as more fun when you’re happy with baring it all.

“Act Like There’s Nothing”
Most cartoons interpret men with bulging eyes and venting ears when they see naked women. While this is not entirely wrong, the moment a women takes off her clothes in front of us, our heart rates go up and we slowly lose the ability to string our thoughts together.

We however don’t want to give off the impression that the person before us is the first naked woman we are seeing and as such, try to act like it’s nothing. We sure try to keep it together.

“I can Finally stare!”
Because we try to act all civilised, we most try try to avoid being caught staring at the boobs or butt of women in public. Whether it’s at the office, gym or on the streets, we will usually try our best to keep our eyes from steering away from your eyes.
It is however a different case when the clothes drop off, as acting in such manner is no longer a priority. Our eyes now have the full authority to roam and take in your naked body in all its glory.

“I think I had stuff to do, or did I?” 
The moment we get a peek, we totally forget about all the work we have piled up, no matter how important the chores may be

“Wait for it…”
The truth is we have a tendency to orgasm much faster than women and we know we need to do much more work and delay gratification to get that work done. As such, instead of thinking of ravaging the naked body right before us, we try to move at a pace that can get both you and us to orgasm at about the same time.

“What exactly does she want me to do?”  
We function better while we are staring at your naked body with some sort of feedback from you. We wish you will whisper your desires into our ears and guide our hands to the exact places you want us to touch. This really helps us know what turns you on.

*Blissful silence*
Nothing is as much a stress reliever as seeing your completely naked body. When you’re naked, all we think about is sex and we feel some sort of bliss at taking it all in. At that moment you surely have our full and undivided attention.



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