Your Secrets Your Girlfriend Can’t Help But Tell Her Friends

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While it is easy for you to keep your lips sealed regarding certain details of your relationship, your girlfriend may not be as tight-lipped as you think. More so, whatever happens in your relationship most likely stays between you, her and her closest friends.

Here are a number of things your girlfriend has probably told her girlfriend or her mother, and yes a number of intimate stuffs are included.

All She Knows About Your Exes
It’d the internet age and most new girlfriends would actually do some CIA work by cyberstalking ex girlfriends. Whatever information that your girlfriend can dig up about your ex will surely end up being relayed to her friends.

It shouldn’t really be a cause for concern except you failed to mention some intimate details such as proposing to your ex or having a child with them. The moment she however finds information that satisfies her curiosity, she will most likely forget all about it as long as things are going on well between you and her.

Every Good Thing You Tell Her
It could be that you constantly tell her how beautiful she looks or you’re being very honest and open about the way you feel about her. Whatever it is, she will most likely brag about it to her friends.
And it’s actually a good thing for her to do because it makes her feel good sharing such information which has a way of making you look good in the presence of everyone. Keep it up and everyone wins.

The Bad Things You Say To Her
While there’s no excuse to act like a jerk, everyone does at one point or the other. The unfortunate thing however is that she will most likely tell her besties except she’s too embarrassed or ashamed to tell anyone.

Anything you say or do that is mean or insulting will most likely get back to her friends and they are probably going to hold and use them against you for a very long time.

The Type Of Relationship You Have With Your Mom
While it may not be true for all cases, women can tell a lot about how a man will treat her through the way he acts towards his mother. Some red flags may however come up if your mother still does your laundry and cooks your meals similar to if you act badly towards her.

Whether it’s good or bad, your girlfriend will most likely share what kind of relationship you have with your mother with her friends.

How Large Your Penis Is
One way or the other, you probably knew this will be one secret she will be willing to announce to her friends. Your girlfriend will most likely share the dimensions of your penis with her friends.

It could be that she’s telling th to brag about the size of your penis or she’s just telling them how much she likes you and cares not if it’s on the smaller side. Her besties most likely know what you’re packing down there.

The Weird Things You Do In Bed
The things that you do with your girlfriend between the sheets most likely doesn’t remain there. Whether you insist on having a shower immediately after sex, you grunt like a lion when you’re about having an orgasm or you ask her to dip her fingers in you more often than not, anything you do that’s different from what she’s used to would be talked about.

How Dirty Your Apartment Is
While it is quite easy for your new girlfriend to put up with your dirty apartment for some time simply because she likes you, she most likely feels pissed about it.

She will tell her friends every disgusting detail regarding your house and a plan regarding how she intends to attack the problem. If you intend to look good in front of her friends and don’t want her all up in your stuff, clean up your apartment or pay someone to get the job done.



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