The Lifestyle Changes You Should Adopt To Prevent Chronic Diseases Later In Life

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As we grow older, it is important we adopt a number of lifestyle changes if we intend to live healthy and prevent ourselves from chronic diseases. Health they say is wealth.

A lot of people spend a fortune treating diseases as they grow older due to a weakened immune system, which could have been prevented if they had adopted a number of lifestyle changes while they were younger.

Keep Your Weight Healthy
This is perhaps the most obvious thing that everyone knows about preventing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes. The truth is obesity increases the risk of chronic health problems.

There has been a steady increase in the number of people that are overweight and obese especially in the last decade. What makes it even more scary is the fact that that there is an increase in obesity among children.

While health professionals are doing their best to educate the public and help control the epidemic of weight gain, it is important we play our part by listening and adopting lifestyle changes related to our diet and exercise.

Avoid Smoking
Smoking is one of the root causes of some chronic disease later on in life and adopting a lifestyle changes is important. While almost everyone knows the risks associated with smoking even a few cigarettes a week, a lot of people still indulge in it.

Smoking increases the risk of chronic heart and lung disease. Do your best to adopt a lifestyle changes where you reduce or quit completely to live healthy later on in life.

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption
Taking an occasional glass of red wine is good for the heart and your overall health but spending every weekend at a bar where you guzzle loads of alcohol is not good for the body.

Drinking excessively tends to put a lot of pressure on the liver and kidneys, which will not only cause you to add weight but can also cause organ problems later on in life.

Adopt A Healthy Diet
We all know that what we eat determines how healthy we are. But it is worth reiterating that there’s a need for us to treat our bodies with respect. For you to keep your body functioning at optimum healthy capacity, it is important that you screen the food and drinks that you consume.

It is vital that you ensure that everything you consume is a healthy variety of nutritious foods and fruits. It is also important to avoid eating foods that are high in saturated fats, salt, and sugar as they can stimulate chronic diseases later on in life.

Move Around As Much As Possible
Get yourself up from your seat and do as much moving around as you can. That however doesn’t mean that your movement should be intense, as it has little to do with improving the health of your body.

If you have a job that requires you to sit for hours on end, there are still a number of things you can do to get yourself moving throughout the day. Make sure you walk around every hour and leave your desk at lunchtime for a walk. Take the stairs instead of the lift, if you can.

Exercise Hard But Not For Long
Since most of us are caught up with trying to make ends meet and have very little time for exercises, it is essential that you make out time for short bursts of high-intensity interval training, as a means of squeezing in a workout into your tight schedule.

You can break up your exercise routine into cardiovascular or resistance training, and that way. You win see it as a chore. Remember to make it as enjoyable as you can, while keeping it in short bouts if you find yourself struggling with time.

Drink Lots Of Water
We’ve heard it time and time again to take lots of water and it has probably become boring to our ears. Studies however suggest that a significant proportion of the world’s population gets dehydrated every day which is a pointer to the fact that not all of us are adopting the advice.

Dehydration means that your heart and other organs have to work harder. It also causes mood swings, headaches, dizziness, bad breath, muscle cramps, dry skin and difficulty in concentrating. Take as much as ten cups of water daily to help stem dehydration.




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