The Lagos International Beauty, Fashion & Arts Expo (B.F.A)

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Lagos International Beauty, Fashion & Arts Expo

The Lagos International Beauty, Fashion & Arts Expo (B.F.A) is an international business forum where beauticians, make-up artists, Fashion Designers and Visual artists gather together to exhibit, trade and network with the global market.

The B.F.A provides a global platform for Beauty, Fashion & Arts professionals to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of their contemporaries and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Exhibitors/Participants at The Lagos International Beauty, Fashion & Arts Expo (B.F.A) are from several nations including Nigeria. The Expo holds for three days (Friday, October 27 to Sunday, October 29, 2017) at The National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.
The third and final day of the event concludes with an award ceremony – The B.F.A awards. The B.F.A awards honour exceptional exhibitors and participants for their contribution to the fields of beauty, fashion design and visual arts.

The Expo is managed by Events International Ventures and will include daily workshops with investors, bankers, online tech professionals and export agents. The workshops will expose exhibitors to opportunities and new ideas in their line of work. In the workshop, participants shall have access to interact with investors and bankers who can support their businesses financially. Tech professionals will teach how exhibitors can use online technology effectively to become global players in their field of enterprise. Export Agents will educate participants on the processes and opportunities for export of fashion, arts and beauty products and services.

The theme of The Lagos International Beauty, Fashion & Arts Expo (B.F.A) is “Becoming an influential global brand in Beauty, Fashion and Arts”. Participation is open to fashion designers, visual arts, beauticians, make-up artists, fabric makers, cosmetic product manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and arts industry. The Lagos International Beauty, Fashion & Arts Expo (B.F.A) is a public event and admission is free to the public and the press.

For more information visit http://bfa.eventsinternational .biz/

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