Kogi, Benue And Rivers States Reject IPOB Leader Kanu’s Inclusion For Biafra

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Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB And Their Crazy Sit-At-Home Order

Some states outside the five South-east states that were selected to join the cause of referendum for Biafra have called to be counted out of the movement for secession.

The states are Rivers, Kogi and Benue.

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It would be recalled, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, had sometimes last week claimed that the Federal Government offered him Biafra Republic while he was in prison, with only the five South East States as the component parts but he rejected it.

He alleged that he ”blantantly” refused the offer because it did not constitute the complete Biafra – as he seeks for a Biafra with Rivers and Benue States inclusive.

However, Daily Trust quoted the Igala Socio-Cultural Group in Kogi as expressing disgust over their inclusion in Biafra.

A spokesman of the group, Mr Barry Moses Idakwo, noted that the inclusion has made nonsense of the ancient Igala nation, reminding that Nigeria is a democratic country where citizens should be allowed to live peacefully and secured as prescribed by laws.

“The agitators for Biafra have marginalisation as the main plan for their grievances. It is therefore unthinkable to annex the Igala kingdom without consulting us,” Idakwo said.

While in Benue State, a former Minister of State for Education, Professor Jerry Agada, said Idoma land should be left out of the purported Biafra territory.

He warned agitators of Biafra to stop the inclusion of Idoma people in particular and Benue State as a whole in their map.

“Idoma nation can never be part of Biafra. In as much as the Igbos’ have their fundamental human right to agitate, they should be reasonable so as not to coax people that do not have a link with their ideology or believe in their quest for power,” Agada added.

In Rivers State, a former Director-General of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA), Chief Albert Korubo Horsfall, said Port Harcourt won’t be part of Biafra.

“Gowon declared no victor, no vanquished verdict and that concept is still there. We are living happily with everybody. Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State. From time-to-time the issue of Port Harcourt has been an object of agitation. Port Harcourt was one of the issues the so-called Biafra demanded and this matter was discussed in Kampala.  I don’t know why people are worried about Biafra and want to resurrect and create tension which is totally unnecessary,” he said.

“Everybody has a right to agitate, but to agitate on somebody else’s territory is wrong,” he said, adding that if anybody wants to cede Port Harcourt, the person is looking for trouble.



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  1. Am tired of this reject and accept thing, all of you should go and find work cos the bottom line is people are suffering and the government needs to do more for its people

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