Kanye West Quits Jay Z’s Tidal Over Money Dispute

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Kanye West

Kanye West has reportedly left Jay Z‘s Tidal streaming service due to a dispute over money.

According to TMZ , sources close to Tidal revealed that Kanye West is unhappy with the service, claiming they owe him over $3 million. His lawyers reportedly sent a letter to Tidal a month ago stating that the company was in breach of their contract, and that it would be terminated. Over the 2 weeks that followed, lawyers for both sides tried to resolve the conflict but failed.

The release of Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo album brought in 1.5 million new subscribers for the streaming service, a feat he apparently was to receive a bonus for but Tidal is still yet to pay. He also alleges that Tidal has failed to reimburse him for music videos.

As a result of all of this, Tidal are claiming that Kanye is still under contract with the service, and have reportedly threatened to sue should he sign to another streaming company – a threat which Kanye has responded to by stating he will counter-sue.

As a response to Kanye West’s departure, Tidal sent a letter threatening to sue if he tried to join another streaming service. We’ll be watching how this situation plays out.


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