#GameOfThrones Season 7: 6 Questions From Episode 2 That We Can’t Wait For Answers To

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With 6 episodes left in season 7 of #GameOfThrones, a number of questions from episode 2 needs to be answered as soon as possible. Here are some questions that #GameOfThrones needs to provide answers to before the end of season 7.

Spoiler alert ahead!

Is Daenerys The Promised Prince?

Daenerys targaryen
In Episode two of season 7, we saw the surprising reappearance of Melisandre right before Daenerys at Dragonstone. Melisandre had long talked about the Prince That Was Promised prophecy from the Lord Of Light, and the prophecy touts that a hero reborn ‘amidst salt and smoke’ will combat the darkness, and we are guessing it may refer to the Mother Of Dragons.

A lot of us have long thought that the prophecy referred to a ‘Prince’, leading many fans to believe it referred to Jon Snow. Missandei however revealed how the translation from High Valyrian doesn’t refer to a particular gender and that it could be a prince or a princess.

This could mean that Daenerys could be the chosen one in the prophecy, as she was reborn in the fires in season one of #GameOfThrones. Will Daenerys be the solution to the White Walkers?

Where Will Theon Greyjoy Head To?
Will Theon Greyjoy Head to Dragonstone to inform Daenerys of what transpired? Should he have tried to save Yara?

What Will Be The Fate Of Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy?

Yara greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy promised Cersei he would gather gifts to help sway her allegiance towards him and he raided the fleet of Yara and Theon to capture both Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy. It appears he will deliver Ellaria to King’s Landing and she has a doomed fate awaiting her given the fact that she previously killed Cersei and Jaime’s daughter Myrcella back in season five.

Will Yara be tortured and turned into a plaything by Euron the same way her brother Theon was used by Rhamsey Bolton or she will find a way out of the logjam she presently finds herself in?

How will the meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys’ play out?

Jon snow
With Jon Snow mostly getting negative responses from the Northern houses, he still defied their criticism and headed for Dragonstone for a meeting with Daenerys – having been summoned by Tyrion Lannister and following information about dragonglass he received from Samwell Tarly.

Are we finally going to get the alliance we have been waiting for? What will be the reaction of Daenerys to the news of the White Walker threat? Whatever the case maybe, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke finally sharing the same space on #GameOfThrones will sure excite a lot of us.

Will Sam Tarly Cure Ser Jorah?

Samwell tarly
The last Episode saw Ser Jorah diagnosed with seemingly incurable greyscale which will destroy his mind in six months and kill him in a few years. Samwell Tarly has however come to his aid with an experimental and gruesome method to stop the disease.

Will his treatment provide the cure Ser Jorah earnestly needs? If it does, it will surely prove Samwell Tarly’s worth to the archmaester and also necessitate the reunion of Ser Jorah and Daenerys on Westeros soil this time around.

How will we React To Arya Reuniting With Sansa?

Arya Stark
A lot of us were more than happy when Arya turned her horse around and headed back up North after hearing her brother, Jon Snow has dethroned the Boltons, to suspend her revenge plans against Cersei Lannister.

Another emotional reunion is in the offing on #GameOfThrones and this time around it will be between Arya and Sansa, and we can’t wait to see how long we can hold out without crying in the face of extreme happiness.

Did Olenna Tyrell Betray Daenerys?

Olenna tyrell
With the surprise attack of Euron on the Iron Fleet, questions have to be asked of the sincerity of Olenna Tyrell and whether Daenerys has a traitor within who informed Euron of their plan to head towards Dorne.

Two possible traitors are Lord Varys and Olenna Tyrell but the latter seems more possible and inclined to may be the most inclined to pursue her own interests having stated Daenerys should act like a ‘dragon’ and ignore Tyrion’s strategy which seems to be totally fuelled by her hatred of Cersei. Perhaps she’s only trying to accelerate Daenerys’ plan of attack on King’s Landing?




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