Brazil’s ‘Most Wanted’ Drug Lord Who Used Plastic Surgery To Evade Arrest For 30 Years Finally Caught

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Brazil's Most Wanted Drug Lord Who Used Plastic Surgery To Evade Arrest For 30 Years Finally Caugh

Brazil’s most wanted drug lord – who used plastic surgery to evade capture for almost 30 years – has finally been arrested.

According to Brazilian police, “we have captured a major drug lord known as ‘White Head’ who used plastic surgeries to help him evade authorities for nearly three decades.”

Police say Luiz Carlos da Rocha was arrested on Saturday in the state of Mato Grosso.

It was gathered that the police stormed his house to find him armed, alongside his wife and young son.

Brazilian police said Brazen Rocha has amassed a multi-million pound fortune as one of the world’s biggest drug’s barons, importing tonnes of cocaine into Brazil and across the world.

They added that his organisation was known to be violent, making use of armed escorts, armoured cars, and heavy weapons.

It produced cocaine in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, before shipping it through an elaborate logistics system to Europe and the United States.

He’s been sentenced before by Brazilian courts to more than 50 years in prison for international drug trafficking and money laundering.

Police also seized about $10 million worth of the drug lord’s assets, including planes, properties and luxury cars.

In addition, Rocha’s right-hand-man Wilson Roncarati was also arrested in Londrina, in the north of Paraná, Brazil.

They will be tried later this year on charges of international drug trafficking, money laundering, association for trafficking, falsification of public and private documents and criminal organization, according to police.



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