How To Avoid Being In Debt After Your Wedding

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We all have the idea of having a wedding in our heads where our outfits, venue, cake is perfect and the reception is filled with delicious food, a great band, and all of your family and friends. With the advent of the Internet, our dreams have definitely gotten bigger with blogs and Instagram providing us an opportunity to browse thousands of pictures where we can see immaculate and beautiful things you could do at your wedding.
All these makes it easy for us to get carried away during the wedding plans and we all but relegate the idea of cost to the background. Unfortunately however, all those elaborate decorations and the perfect picture we have in mind all come at a fortune and this brings to mind how you intend to pay for everything.
Luckily, you can avoid going into debt by following these 6 ways to plan and finance your wedding without drawing in debt afterwards.

Know Your Priorities
While even the tiniest of details may seem important during the planning stage, nothing is worth going into debt for. Certain things like a grand venue, excellent traditional outfits and a band that seems non-negotiable may be splurged on the long run.
What this means is that you may need to cut back on other things to accommodate them. Look at your budget and determine what matters most to you. While you can be extravagant with certain items, you can remain flexible with other things.

Save Ahead of Time
If you’d be paying for your wedding yourself which happens to be the best way to ensure you don’t pile up debt, save as much as you can before the day. Save, save and save some more. While you may need to cut out or cut down on your expenses, your savings will go a long way in stopping you from going in debt.

You can open a separate wedding account to avoid the temptation of spending the money before your wedding expenses arrive.

Set A Budget And Stick To It
Another important thing is to have a budget you can stick to before you begin planning. Take out time and plan how much money you have to spend total, including the money you’ve saved and any given to you by friends or family. Proceed to determine how much you’re willing to spend on each item from your clothes to the venue.

The minute you have your budget drawn up, stick to it! Monitor your spending as you begin executing your plans and reflect back throughout. Adjust things as needed along the way and ensure you stay entirely within your total amount.

Shop Around
There’s no need to go for the first venue you see, the first clothes you see or even the first cake maker that offers you a price. All these things can cost you a fortune and there’s a high chance that there are places that are as good or even better than where you first saw at an affordable deal.

Ask around and do your homework before making any big decisions so you know you’re receiving the best price possible.

Discuss With Family And Friends
Some cultures encourage the bride’s family to cover the cost of the wedding, while some others have the man footing the entire bill. It is however more modern to have both families taking on the bill as the cost of a wedding can be a lot for just one household’s income.
It might be a good idea to discuss with both families and close friends to see if they will be willing to help with the finances by taking charge of certain events. You can also ask family members and close friends to help out in lieu of a wedding gift.

Do Some Things Yourself
Consider going the do-it-yourself route on certain aspects of your wedding. You can consider hosting your wedding in your parents, In-laws or friend’s place and browse the internet for inspiration and then decorate yourself. The cost of cutting out the wedding venue alone would be great.

There are tons of other details such as the invitations that you can opt to do yourself. By using your own creative skills here and there, you can save big on various parts of your wedding.

When it comes to weddings, “Spare no expense” is a phrase very few people can follow. While you can still have your dream wedding without starting your newly married life in debt, it is important that you’re smart and think outside the box when it comes to financing the most memorable day of your life.




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