9 Questions That Season 7 Of #GameOfThrones Must Answer

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Season 7 Of 'Game Of Thrones' May Be Delayed

With season seven of #GameOfThrones starting in a few days, it is evident that the various threads of the story lines are beginning to weave together. Daenerys Targaryen and her assembled army and navy after roaming for ages are finally heading for King’s Landing where she will most likely find Cersei Lannister as the unchallenged occupant of the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow has just recently been crowned king in the North, with Wildlings and a number of noble supporting his claim and inevitable clash with the White walkers. With just 13 episodes of #GameOfThrones left, the tension is real and palpable.
There are however a number of important questions that season 7 of #GameOfThrones has to answer before the final season, and here are nine of them.

Which Of The Houses Will Form Alliances?

One thing that seems very unlikely is the Targaryen forces forming a pact with the Lannisters. With the king slayer belonging to house Lannister and the fact that Tyrion is a supporter of Daenerys claim to the Iron Throne, the possibility of an alliance is next to zero.
The bigger question is whether Daenerys’ army will band with the brigades led by Jon Snow. Will the Targaryens and the Starks see each other as allies or rivals?

What Would Be The Effect Of Revelation of Jon Snow’s Parentage?

The Rhaegar and Lyanna theory came to pass as it was confirmed in the season six finale of #GameOfThrones. Jon Snow was confirmed not as Ned Stark’s bastard son but that of Rhaegar Targaryen, son of the mad king and brother of Daenerys.
His mother is Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister. This means Jon is not entitled to rule House Stark, despite having Stark blood. However, he is a Targaryen with an indirect claim to the Iron Throne itself.

Will the White Walkers Finally Bridge the Wall?

White walkers
Winter is finally here and the greatest battle of #GameOfThrones is yet to begin. The battle is expected to be between the living and the dead (those originally created by some tree children but later went astray). The question however is when the battle begins.

What Impact Will Samwell Tarly Have?

Samwell tarly game of thrones
With Samwell Tarly heading to the Citadel in season six of #GameOfThrones to become a Maester, the big question is what huge role will he have in the wars to come? Maesters are the source of all mystical and magical knowledge and Sam has so far proven himself to be a tough guy by killing a wight and a warg. But will he provide the secret that will be useful in the fight against the Walkers?

Who will Lead House Stark?

game of thrones
Jon Snow, Lord Cmmander of the Night’s Watch

There is bound to be an altercation between Jon Snow as king of the North and Sansa who is the Lady of Winterfell. Bran however has the rightful claim to the House, being the last surviving male of the house.

There was some bit of tension in season 6 between Sansa and Jon, but everything got patched up until when lady Mormont rallied everyone behind Jon to declare him king. The sinister look she gave Petyr Baelish at the declaration may mean there will be some internecine struggle, to lead house Stark.

Will Gendry Make His Way Back?

Gendry from game of thrones
The only surviving bastard child of Kong Robert Baratheon was last seen dispatched into a rowing boat by Davos at the end of season three and hasn’t been seen since. He remains a subject of fascination, especially since he is close friends with Arya Stark. Will he make a return and throw some spanners in the works for the warring houses?

Will Arya Complete Her Kill?

game of thrones
Maisie Williams plays the character of Arya Stark. The youngest of the Stark daughters.

Arya Stark has somehow always been the wild card in #GameOfThrones perhaps due to the fact that she is independent minded and has a long list of kills she wants to make. The list which has been referred to as Arya’s “prayer” contains something between 11 and 15 names, which she regularly updates depending on what she ad judge’s as crimes against her family.
With Arya fully qualified as a Faceless Man, and showing off her skills at the end of season 6 by taking out Walder Frey and baking his sons in a pie, the Mountain and Cersei Lannister are targets she will be going after next.

What is The End game Of Petyr Baelish?

While it seems obvious that he intends to get the Iron Throne for himself with Sansa Stark by his side, he still has the tough task of getting into her head. Little finger obviously wants power and riches. But how would he be able to get the power he so desires?

Will Lady Mormont Serenade The Screens Again?

Lady mormont
The 11-year-old Lady of Bear Island is as bad as they come, and successfully rallied the northern houses together behind Jon Snow, declaring him king of the North. We hope she has a more significant role to play in season 7 of #GameOfThrones.




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