The 6 Things You Should Avoid Doing To Be Happier Than You Already Are

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Being happy sometimes has little or nothing to do with what you do and much more to do with the things you don’t do or avoid doing. If you’re unhappy, it may have little to do with your personal or professional life. Research has shown that 50 percent of your happiness (your happiness set-point) is determined by personality traits which are largely hereditary, while the other 50 percent is determined by factors such as your health, your career, your relationships, and your interests which are totally within your control.
You have the power to be happier and you can do that by avoiding these things.

Equating Material Acquisition With Satisfaction
Having a thrilling feeling when you acquire a new toy, gadget or possession that catches your fancy is good but constantly wanting to recapture that thrill buy buying something else, will put you in an addictive cycle that will never give you long-term satisfaction.
Getting lasting satisfaction comes from doing, not from having and you should think of helping people as knowing you’ve made a difference in another person’s life can give you a thrilling feeling that can last forever. While it may also be addictive, it comes in a good way.

Allowing The Fear Of Criticism Hold You Back
If you ever consider trying something different, you’re bound to have people talk about you in an unpalatable manner. The best way to keep people from being snide or judgmental is to say and do what everyone else does, but that means you won’t be happy as you’d be living their lives.
Instead, see the fact that people are talking about you as an indication that you’re on the right path. See Your path as the happy one. Not theirs.

Forgetting To Be Last
Almost everyone wants to be first and few enjoy being last. However, it is sometimes good to be the last. The last to give up, the last to leave, the last to keep trying, the last to hold on to principles and values. The truth is that the world is filled with people that quit easily, people who give up. And while there will always be people that would be more intelligent, richer, more talented and more connected than you, they won’t always emerge winner. Be the last to give up on yourself; and if you fail to succeed, you still win.

Waiting For A Big Idea
You most likely won’t hit an idea that will immediately give you the big money won at lotteries. Even if you’re able to come up with that elusive big idea, would you be able to implement it? Do you have the requisite skills, experience and money to execute the idea?
There’s no reason to feel bad. Just make use of the small ideas and turn them into something big. Happiness is a process, and processes are based on action.

Being Afraid To Jump Ship
It is natural to be afraid to let go of a sinking idea you have invested in simply because it will be termed a failure. While your idea may fail, it is best you sail your ship. No idea will be successful until it’s shipped. No service can be successful until it’s in the field. If you’re in doubt, you can jump ship. The next idea may just be much better. Sail the ship of that idea and keep going.

Failing To Wait
Learning to wait is important and failing to wait for the right time, the right people, the right time, the right job or the right market can make you unhappy in more ways than one. Be patient and the right things will come to you.




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