6 Fights You’re Likely To Have With Your Partner Before Your Wedding

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There’s definitely a lot of joy and happiness to be felt when planning your wedding but that does in no way leave out the stress that you’re bound to have. Feeling Stressed can however cause some form of tension before your wedding in your otherwise happy relationship.

You should however know that it is perfectly normal to have some bickering with you partner during the wedding plans. What you should however avoid is allowing the arguments get too heated.
Here are some common fight couples have before their big day and how you can avoid falling into the trap.

Money makes the world go round and we doubt there are any couple out there willing to start off their married life in debt. Unfortunately however, one of you (most likely the bride) will be open to overspending in order to make their wedding day a memorable affair.

It’s very easy to get tempted to overspend because you want to make your wedding day dreams a reality, while losing track of how big a hole the expenses are drilling in your wallet.

Try not to lose sight of the big picture that mostly entail your life after the wedding. Avoid overspending by coming up with a realistic budget and keeping your spending within it.

Problem Of The Exes
While it may be a good thing that you or your partner are on good terms with an ex, there could be a problem if you choose to have them at your wedding. It will be uncomfortable to say the least and friends and family members who are obligated to spend time with your ex may not find it appealing.

The Guest List
When it comes to determining the people that will grace your wedding, it is not just about you and your partner. Both sets of parents will probably have their own ideas on how many of their family and friends gets an invitation.

This can put you in a direction situation which can severely affect your budget and also cause some problems for you, especially if you had your heart set on having an intimate affair. The surest ways to avoid an argument regarding your guest list is for you and your partner to be on the same page before speaking to your parents about what you want for the wedding.

Who Is Responsible For What?
While some cultures encourage the brides family to pay for the wedding, it is mostly not so in others. Nowadays, the groom’s family covers a huge percentage of the expenses.

As such, it is important to sit down with your partner and both sets of parents to find out what if they can contribute and what they are willing to. This will help you set a budget and figure out how much you will have to pay for on your own.

It is a lot easy to have a fight before your wedding when you and your partner belong to different faiths. It can be stressful to want to represent both religions during the wedding ceremony, especially if one or both families are sensitive to it.

The best thing to do is to find a master of ceremony that specializes in interfaith weddings, and be as honest as you possibly can with one another regarding what is truly important to you when you take your vows.

The Wedding Party
The party itself can be pretty stressful, especially if you or your partner are considering inviting a sizable number of guests. One thing you should however keep in mind is the fact that the more people you have in your wedding, the higher the chance of a drama occurring. The best thing to do is to keep things as simple and small as possible.




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