5 Types Of Suit Fabrics And The Best Ways To Wear Them

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It’s not enough to wear a sleek suit as you have to pay attention to the suit fabrics and how they match up with your skin tone. The fabric your suit is made from tends to raise a number of questions regarding the type of image you intend to project, the form in which you wish to appear, the function of your outfit and the overall wearability of your suit.

Suits come in a number of fabrics that not only suits specific occasions but also have events for which they are suitable for.


Wool suit
Suits made from wool are perhaps the most common around and this is so because of their versatility. More so, the durability of wool materials are unrivalled, including their ability to let in air and luxurious-looking matte texture.

Wool also helps you avoid the unwanted shine and sheen that are common with other suit fabrics.
Wool is made from two main yarns; the worsted yarn and woolen yarn. The worsted yarn is spun from longer fibres, that makes it smoother and stronger.

It also gives it the ability to be woven into flannel and tweed. The woollen yarn is made up of shorter fibres, and possess a more matte finish.

The wool count on its part refers to the thickness of the textile. What this means is that the gig her the wool count, the finer the fabric, and the more expensive your suit will be.

If you are thinking of getting a wool business suit, it is best you go for Super 100s to 140s wool count. The downside of having a softer weave with a high thread count is that you have to care for the more fragile fabric. Wool count of 160s is best suitable for formal suits.


Cotton suit
Cotton is another fabric that is natural and woven out of plant fibres. Cotton fabrics are slimmer than wool but tend to crease easily than wool. The lightweight texture of cotton fabrics tend to most suitable for lighter colours such as khaki and light blue.

More so, cotton is nice to wear during hot weather because it breathes easily. If you’re looking to wear a formal suit, it is best to go for a heavier cotton or a cotton-wool blend.


Corduroy suit
The corduroy fabric is comfortable, durable, and offers a something different from the usual fabrics you’re used to. If you’d be wearing corduroy, it’s best you are a slim fellow so as to carry the bulky fabric. You will also need to have the confidence to pull off this suit fabric that is not every man’s favourite.


Polyester suit
Polyester is a synthetic outfit and is quite different from other natural options like wool and cotton. The synthetic fibres of polyester helps to produce the much dreaded sheen, a poor fit, and not much breathability. It takes a lot to pull a linen suit off and it is best left to the bottom of your wardrobe.


Black man on linen suit
Linen is a more lighter fabric that is more prone to crinkling than wool. It is suitable for outdoor events especially during hot seasons. If you’d be attending an outdoor wedding, a linen suit is your best option.

The downside of this suit is that you will have to visit the dry cleaners regularly because of the stains and creases that will constantly show on your suit. You may also need to keep steaming the crinkles out of your suit yourself.




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