5 Things You Probably Never Knew Your Blood Type Says About You

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There’s a whole lot your blood can say about you and this perhaps is the reason why it is one body fluid that provides diagnostic information about your well-being. You may have seen a lot of articles that ties one of the four major blood types (A, B, AB, O) to everything from your diet to how compatible you can be with your partner.

Unfortunately however, there are little research to backup some of the claims in the information littered all over the Internet.

On the other hand, some research exists that links the different blood types to higher rates of having or contracting certain diseases. Here are some things your blood type says about you and how it may be affecting your life.

The Risk Of You Becoming An Alcoholic
Some studies conducted in the 1970s and ’80s found weak associations between blood type A and higher rates of alcoholism. Further researches conducted in the 1990s was able to link some specific blood components called antigens to the disease.

The studies suggests that type A antigens may alter your immune system’s reaction to alcohol in ways that have a significant effect on you becoming intoxicated. More so, National Institutes of Health say genetic factors are about 50% responsible of your risk for alcoholism.

What this suggests is that genetics play a role in your risk to becoming an alcoholic, even though more research would help determine the specifics.

Your Attraction To Mosquitoes
According to a study conducted by Japan’s Institute of Pest Control Technology, people that belong to blood group O were found to be twice as likely to attract certain species of mosquitoes than people with other blood types.

While this may sound like bad news for people that belong in this category, it’s not all bad news for type O persons as other research has suggested that they are less likely to suffer from the deadliest forms of malaria—a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The reason for this is because deadly malarial proteins don’t stick to type O cells the way they do to other blood types.

How You Struggle With Stress
Some research studies have linked an increased level of the stress hormone cortisol to a number of things ranging from craving junk foods to rapid aging. A Long-term increase in the cortisol levels of your body which is akin to chronic stress can be harmful particularly for people with blood type O.

A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs indicates that the cortisol levels of people with blood type O can remain elevated longer than other blood types following a stressful event.

The Type Of Bacteria In Your Intestines
News about the various ways bacteria found in the digestive system, probiotics and pathogenic bacteria influences human health is viral because of their importance.

Some European researchers discovered that the species of bacteria in people’s intestines tend to break down into three distinct categories, believing that it could be so as a result of the persons blood type.

A research team from Finland were to later find correlations between blood types and specific strains of bacteria found in the gut. The findings of this research has grave implications as if doctors are able to predict the strains of bacteria that can be found in your gut based on your blood type, there’s a high chance of them being able to more accurately prescribe an ideal diet and treatment regimen for you.

The Finnish researchers however recommend more follow-up research to prove their claims.



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