5 Beverages That Are Totally Safe For The Consumption Of Pregnant Women

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Pregnant women have to adopt a number of healthy lifestyle choices to ensure they and the baby they carry are healthy till when it’s time for delivery. Some of these changes include following certain exercise routines, seeing the doctor or healthcare professional regularly, taking medications and supplements and knowing the right foods to eat and what to drink.

While some beverages such as coffee and sugary drinks are off-limits, some such as smoothies and electrolyte sports drinks which are less well-known are permissible. If you’re a pregnant woman woman woman worried whether your favourite beverage is healthy for you and your unborn child, here are a number of drinks you can drink.

Whether you’re a pregnant woman or not, water is one drink you should be drinking each and every day for its beneficial properties. It is even more so for pregnant women as the amniotic fluid needs to be replenished and water helps the baby in a lot of other ways.

Water helps to keep the different cells of the body well-hydrated and also generally helps the body to your be as healthy as possible. Doctors recommend that pregnant ladies. Should drink at least seven cups of water which can be a little more than you’re used to drinking when you’re not pregnant. You may even be required to drink more water if you’d If you’d breastfeed after giving birth.

To know the specific amount of water you need to drink when you’re pregnant, talk to a qualified health professional to help provide you with more clarity.

Electrolyte Drinks
While it may seem surprising, a lot of sports drinks are packed with electrolytes that are beneficial to pregnant women. Electrolyte sport drinks serve an important purpose and that is to help relieve cramps.

Some pregnant women experience leg and the fluid and electrolytes from sports drinks can help to alleviate the cramp. You should however watch out for the sugar content (by reading the label) as a lot of sports drinks contain loads of sugar.

Dairy milk has a lot of protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. “The bones of the baby tends to develop more in the last trimester, and taking a glass of milk daily as your pregnancy progresses is very healthy.

Just as calcium and other vitamins and minerals are important for your own bones, the ones you take also helps in the development of the baby. You should however ensure that the milk is pasteurized to avoid getting sick.

Orange Juice
Orange juice should be your choice of beverage if you’re pregnant but be sure to ensure that the juice you’re taking is fortified with calcium (an important nutrient for healthy bones).

Pregnant women can take their prenatal vitamins with orange juice, as the Vitamin C in the juice can help to enhance iron absorption. Orange juice also contains folate, which is important in neurological fetal development.

It is however important to ensure that the orange juice you’re taking is pasteurized to minimize the risk of any food pathogens that could potentially be lurking in freshly squeezed juices.

Perhaps the most interesting part of drinking smoothies is the fact that you can take an entire meal’s worth of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and much more from drinking a cup of beverage. The best type of smoothies for pregnant women should contain spinach, yogurt, and berries, so as to get a wide variety of nutrients.

You can also choose to add other fruits, vegetables, and milk to provide a delicious and versatile variety you can switch up everyday.




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