4 Horror Television Shows You Should Consider Watching With Your Friends

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The walking dead

After spending hours at work, nothing beats kicking back with a cold drink, a hot plate of food, and getting a good old nice television show to watch with friends. It may not be a good idea to watch some television shows alone because of their horrific content.

Some shows are loaded with jump scares, formless figures lurking around blind corners, and flesh-eating zombies and having someone you can scream together is more fun than being alone. Here are some of those good old horror television shows you can binge-watch with your friends.


The X-files
Creator of the X-Files, Chris Carter got away with a lot of boundary-pushing stuff throughout his years on the television show. Despite the fact that not all of the episodes were freaky, some of the investigations of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were scary enough for us to want to seek company.

The writers of the show were delighted in spinning horror, thriller, and sci-fi characters in such a way that fear, shock and amusement were maximised. Even without the supernatural tinge of this television show, The X-Files freaked a lot of viewers out with the serial Killers in season 2.

The show also excellently made good use of workplace dramedy that helped build a sense of dread and paranoia to an unnerving crescendo. Add with the conspiracy theories, the show gets under the skin and you surely want to have your friends around if you decide to watch it.

Channel Zero 

Channel zero
With the advent of the Internet and the generation of smartphone users, the Scary Stories to tell need to be taken a notch higher while incorporating urban legends. Channel Zero debuted on television in 2016 as an anthology series which had some similarities with American Horror Story, where it has a season-long story arch that changes each season.

The first season of the show was limited to six episodes, but it is packed with lots of strangeness and scary stuffs that cuts through to viewers. The first series centers on the creepypasta known as “Candle Cove,” and it tells the tale of an obscure ’80s kids show linked to a series of murders. Paul Schneider, who plays Mike Painter, returns home to investigate his vanished twin brother and discovers as he digs deeper that there are much more than a handful of unnerving connections to the local kiddie show.

With the show already billed for a second season which if it is as disturbing as the first season will surely demand company and we’ll lighted rooms as you watch.

Twin Peaks

Twin peaks
Twin Peaks is a disturbing television show where a tiny town has half of its populace wanting the other half dead. The two seasons of the show created some of the most creepy characters on television. The show also reveled in the esoteric, as Kyle MacLachlan’s FBI agent, Dale Cooper, flitted in and out of the spirit realm in his search for Laura Palmer’s (Sheryl Lee) killer.

Like a lot of show in its category, twin Peaks ended on a pretty disturbing cliffhanger, which raises the hope that the questions left unanswered will somehow be answered in the upcoming Twin Peaks revival.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead
One thing that makes The Walking Dead really thick is the amount of death on the show and it is totally acceptable as the show is based on death. The show will also instill in you the fear of open spaces and infectious diseases, along with the scenario that the world may come to an end someday after few survivors have been left in empty post-apocalyptic fields filled with highly infectious zombies.

The show is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, The Walking Dead which was converted to television by Frank Darabont. Each season of the show adds a bit of melodrama to the pile of a premise, as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his ragtag compatriots seek a motive to keep on living.

Things however continue to get more complicated as more and more villains like Negan and the Governor are thrown into the mix and human morality is eroded as a result of a struggle for survival. Coupled with the walkers hiding away in thickets or darkened rooms, waiting to jump out at your screen, having company will definitely help you cope with the fear and anxiety this television show may raise.




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