How To Stop Mosquitoes And Other Insects From Feeding From You

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It’s that time of the year again when mosquitoes and other insects are available all around us in droves spreading diseases. You should be planning to prevent this from happening by making sure they don’t feast on you. The best way to do this is to understand mosquitoes and know the dos and don’ts that can help repel them and prevent you from getting malaria.

Dos: Resist The Urge To Scratch When Bitten By A Mosquito
Scratching the area you were Bitten will only make things worse since doing so will add more to the inflammation. A new study conducted at Temple University suggests that the urge to scratch is subconscious and a way in which our brains conspire against us.
The researchers rubbed an itch-inducing plant on the arms of 10 people with chronic itch or itching that has lasted for more than 6 weeks and 10 healthy people as a contrast. The brain’s of the participants were then scanned when they were allowed to scratch the itch. Both groups showed heightened activity in the reward centers of the brain (the areas that basically encourage us to keep doing what we’re doing) indicating a conspiracy. The conclusion was that it is difficult to ignore those impulses which is why you find it difficult to leave an insect bite alone.
While you may find the urge to scratch irresistible, stay strong. You can instead put some ice on the bite to help reduce the inflammation and the urge to scratch the itch.

Dos: Allow Your Heart Breath
Mosquitoes use carbon dioxide (CO2) as a guide when they’re searching and identifying potential food targets. The minute your heart rate goes up and your body produces more carbon dioxide, more insects will likely bite you. Exercises, consuming alcohol and eating spicy foods are among the things that can increase your metabolism and your carbon dioxide production which mosquitoes especially find irresistible.

Don’ts: Eating Certain Foods or supplements
Certain foods such as bananas, garlic, or supplements that contain B vitamins can repel mosquitoes but they won’t do much good on the long run.

Dos: Buy Clothes With Tight Weaves
Mosquitoes find it hard to penetrate clothing that are made up of tight weaves. Synthetic fibers that are made as athletic apparels are particularly useful when you’re outdoors and in an area where there would be lots of insects. Cotton and linen however don’t give much protection against them. Outfits that offer protection from the sun will surely have weaves tight enough to block insect bites. will also have a tight enough weave to block bites.

Dos: Wear Light Colours
Mosquitoes tend to use their vision to look for good during the daytime when there is light and since they tend to fly close to the ground, they will be on the lookout to find targets that contrast with the horizon. This makes light colours less attractive to them and dark colours more attractive.

Dos: Blow Them Away
Any breeze that blows above the speed of 1 mile per hour is capable of stopping mosquitoes from flying. All you need to do is to turn up your fan or the air conditioning system this season and you will have a suitable deterrent. Remember to keep the flow of air towards the lower part of your body because mosquitoes tend to fly very close to the ground as a way of avoiding wind. Directing the fan and airflow towards your legs will stop them from biting you.

Don’ts: Avoid Spending Money On Coils
Mosquito coils, citronella candles and other oils are natural insect repellants, but are only effective if their smoke or scent are able to get between you and the insects. If you’re lighting coils that are a few feet off the ground, they will do very little to keep the insects at bay as chances are they won’t be effective.




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