Why Prison Break Season 5 Could Get Away With Its Absurd Ending

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Everyone had great expectations for the reboot of Prison Break ever since it was announced but the ending of season 5 leaves little to be desired. Season 5, episode 9 which happens to have perhaps the most unexpected twist the show has seen, is decent enough for lovers of the show. Prison Break has gone further with its ridiculous action and plot sequences as the fifth season finale takes things to an entirely new level.
Before going further, it’s only fair we warn you of the major Spoilers Ahead.

The Plot Of The Episode
Much of the episode which is titled ‘Behind the Eyes’ sees a culmination of the feud that begun right from the first episode between our hero, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and villain/CIA rogue Jacob Ness / Poseidon (Mark Feuerstein), who happens to have stolen both the life and wife of our hero.
For much of the episode, the two face off as they puff their chest and exchange words all through in an apparent show of power and intelligence. It however became quite boring despite the intellectual says between the two as it seemed they were chasing each other like children for most most the show. Things however picked up towards the middle of the episode as the show pulled a twist that only Prison Break can do.

The Unbelievable Twists
The first twist was borderline incredible, even though it appears there wasn’t much to it. Michael Scofield can be seen infiltrating the headquarters of Poseidon based deep in the university of Ithaca. The office required facial recognition and Michael beats this by way of his body ink. He has an image of Poseidon tattooed over both of his hands and holds them in front of his own face like a mask.
This twist is unbelievable as there was no way Jacob Ness, who has been Scofield’s handler could not notice that his face was on the latter’s hand for years and secondly, there’s really no way that the ink of Poseidon’s image over Michael’s hands could fool any modern facial recognition software.

The Episode gets even more bizarre as the season finale winds down when Michael runs away and Poseidon guns him down as he flees. The catch however is that Michael has actually led Poseidon into a trap where he disguises himself as The CIA deputy director he was framed for killing. He recreates the surroundings where the CIA’s deputy director Harlan Gaines was killed with the help of an old friend who is an expert with architectural designs. This provides him with photographic evidence of Jacob Ness shooting Gaines and him reframing Poseidon for the crime he actually committed.
This ruse is actually s outrageous that only a TV show like Prison Break can get away with it.

With the stage already set for a ‘re-framing’ of Jacob Ness, a sample of Gaines’s blood was also planted in Ness’s office, and a confession was obtained from one of the foot soldiers of Poseidon, which ensures he is sent to prison for good.
At the request of Michael Scofield, Jacob Ness is sent to Fox River and placed in exactly the same cell as Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell.

T-Bag’s Twist
The death of Paul Kellerman by the second episode was shocking and had much more effect than that of Whip (Augustus Prew), perhaps due to his unappealing nature. It however has a significant emotional effect on T-Bag (Robert Knepper).
With the death of Whip, who he recently got to know as his son and who he saw as his last chance at redemption, he snaps and it seems he’s doomed to go back to his old monstrous ways.

The Happy Ending
Michael Scofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) get the happy ending that they desire and both of them can be seen playing with their lovers. As the heroes, they get what they deserve, just as the villains die or get locked up. T-Bag is the only unfortunate person as he seems doomed to a life of penance.

Our take on the ending of the mini-series? It’s OK but lacks a lot that could have made it better. It’s predictable for most of the time and gave us some fond memories of the past. It also provided us a mild insight into the future as the CIA offers Michael a Job to utilise his skills, which he rejects.
We will all miss Prison Break now that it has rounded up as the last season reminded us of how flawed the series was but it’s ability to deliver captivating moments despite everything.




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