All You Need To Know Before Buying A Ticket To Watch Wonder Woman

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The craze for the wonder woman movie is everywhere and it is for good reasons too as it has set itself apart from the numerous superhero movies available. The movie is unique in the sense that between both Marvel and DC Comics, wonder woman is the first superhero movie that would be led by a woman.
Diana, the Amazon princess comes to the screen with much more than a pretty face, sword, and shield, but also with loads of baggage. The titular role of Diana is played by Gal Gadot who hasn’t played more than a supporting role in the Fast and Furious franchise delivers so much that the movie has earned $500 million dollars so far at the box office.
The good news is that Wonder Woman can be described as the best movie to come out of the DC Comics universe but doesn’t square out much against its Marvel rivals such as Captain America and Doctor Strange. With that being said, Wonder Woman does have its moments by providing an exhilarating aesthetic that keeps viewers on the edge.
Nonetheless, the movie is a little compromising as less emphasis is placed on telling the love story of the hero and more on the love story of the Amazon princess. This places some sort of misery on our heroine, despite her attempt to bring a different flavour to superhero movies.

The Beginning
The movie begins from the all female paradise island, Themyscira, deep in the Amazon forest led by Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielson) and her expert warrior sister General Antiope (Robin Wright). The island is made up of peaceful citizens that are highly skilled in armed combat. The peace was thrown into turmoil with the visit of American spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who accidentally penetrates their world, bringing with him fleets of German ships with guns and destruction.

Gal Gadot’s Diana
The Princess of the Island, Diana (Gal Gadot), is soon forced into action by the tales of the war told to her by the American spy and soon leaves her family and the island behind in hopes that she can all on her own bring peace to a world in turmoil. Steve Trevor is some sort of hero, (a mortal and incredibly brave fellow) and the love interest of the Princess, even as she battles with her innocence in a strange land she has little or no understanding of.
It won’t be harsh to say wonder woman seems more like a fairy tale movie than a superhero movie. Gal Gadot is beautiful and handles are action scenes like a professional, even though her role lacks a lot of humour that is expected of such an hard-line superhero. Gal Gadot’s character would have made more sense if she were funny, arrogant and brash rather than refined a sophisticated. Agreed that the latter attributes are expected of a princess, but a line like “Only love can save the world” seems to make her character look more like a Disney Princess.

The End Of The Movie
Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor does an excellent job at making himself look acceptable as a hero. The end of the movie is regaled with computer generated imaging (CGI) that makes Trevor’s day-saving look a little less heroic.
As expected, the villains in this superhero movie like most are very much below par. Elena Anaya tries a lot in her role as the German scientist that tries to mess things up with chemical warfare but could have done much better if she had more things to say and a back story of her own.

Is It Worth Your Time?
Wonder Woman is decent enough but doesn’t offer much as an addition to the superhero genre. The movie is only a step ahead of its DC movie pairs and does little more to keep viewers interested. Gal Gadot’s character is decent and exciting but more time should have been given to Hippolyta and Antiope. I all you’d probably enjoy the movie but not one you would want to go back and watch again and again.



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  1. If you are just talking the MCU and DCEU, then yes, Wonder Woman is the first. But DC and Marvel female characters have starred in Supergirl, Catwoman, and Elekra movies.

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