Egypt Takes Measures As Cholera Outbreak Kills 60 Persons In South Sudan

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4,188 Persons Infected As Cholera Outbreak Kills 75 In Sudan

At least 60 persons have been reported killed following the outbreak of cholera in South Sudan’s Namurunynag State in Eastern Equatoria in the past one month, African Review said.

Speaking on this, the local Governor, Mr. Louse Lobong Lojore, said the death toll could be higher as some occurred in remote locations and were not accounted for.

4,188 Persons Infected As Cholera Outbreak Kills 75 In Sudan

Lojore further added that the first case was reported early last month, and many more were still being reported in several parts of the state.

“Of course, these are cases that we were able to reach but there are some in very remote areas where we are not able to access and get the data,” Mr Lojore said.

It is also understood that the governor and the Health minister, Dr Riek Gai Kok, appeared before lawmakers in Juba on Tuesday to explain how about 16 children died in Kapoeta town after they were vaccinated against measles last month.

Cholera is a deadly disease caused by eating or drinking contaminated food or water. It can be prevented through proper hygiene and sanitation.

The disease has claimed hundreds of lives in South Sudan since the country’s independence in 2011.

Cholera outbreak has also been confirmed in Juba with many other cases of the epidemic being reported across the country since its resurgence last year.

This year alone, about 200 people have lost their lives to cholera across the country, according to the Health ministry in Juba.

There are also very strong indications that an airport in Cairo, Egypt has started screening passengers arriving from Sudan for signs of cholera.

This is due to the reported outbreak there, the head of airport quarantine said on Wednesday.

Similar measures are already carried out in Cairo airport for people arriving from Yemen due to an epidemic there.

“The number of doctors and health monitors in arrival halls has increased to monitor the flights and examine passengers coming from infected areas,” Head of Airport Quarantine Medhat Qandil said.

Qandil said any suspected cholera cases would be isolated and sent to hospital. Even if passengers do not show symptoms their details will be recorded so they can be monitored by Egyptian health authorities, he said.

Sudan’s government has not officially declared a cholera outbreak, reporting instead on cases of “Acute Watery Diarrhea”, the World Health Organization (WHO) told Reuters.



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