Can Tells Germany To Neutralise Sanchez

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Emre Can believes holding Alexis Sanchez at bay is key for Germany to beat Chile in the confederations cup.

Sanchez could only feature for the second half in the match against Cameroon, but he is expected to start against Germany.

Can knows that focusing solely on Sanchez will be a mistake, but knows how much of a danger he is.

“I’ve faced Sanchez on the pitch,” he told a media conference. “He’s a great player, one of the best in the Premier League. We’ll have to be very alert. We need to neutralise those players.

“But I believe we have excellent players and they have other excellent players. But this is a key match and we need to provide an answer for that.”

“Chile are a battle-hardened team and there will be a point where we need to be able to provide our answer to that,” he said.

“They’re one of the countries in terms of football who have developed greatly over the last few years. We’ll be able to present them with a strong opposition and we’ll be able to win.

“I’ve read a lot about Germany and Chile being among the top favourites. We have a very young squad and haven’t played much together and that’s why people have put Chile slightly ahead but it’s what happens on the pitch that matters.

“With all due respect to the other two teams, Chile are the most salient team in this group. It’s helped to focus minds for the match.”



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