Alien Covenant Takes Alien Movie Franchises To Another Level

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Alien: Covenant has in no small measure taken movie franchises, especially those of the science fiction category to a whole new level. Director, Ridley Scott who is known for blockbusters such as Gladiator and the prequel to Alien : Covenant, Prometheus which had a somewhat lukewarm reception. Alien : Covenant resembled Prometheus Prometheus a lot of ways, even as it incorporated certain desirable aspects of the prequel.
There are a number of reasons that sets Covenant apart from other alien movie franchises but three of such particularly make the movie the best since alien movies have been made.

The Engineer Planet Structure
If you’ve watched the movie, you can’t help but agree that one thing that made Prometheus unique was the structure of the world building that came with it. The structure also had the Engineer temple, sculptures and history that made the movie very fascinating. The sequel followed this trend by taking us to the Engineer planet that David and Elizabeth departed to at the end of Prometheus.
The planet had a history of humanity’s creators and a destroyed civilisation. The movie also employed an interesting flashback of horrific events that had huge ramifications for viewers. Add the nightmarish creatures that have an insatiable taste for human flesh, then you have the right ingredients for an interesting movie.
The planet structure provided the perfect setting for the horrors that regaled the movie and fueled the desires of viewers, even as it provided more information where humans of this universe came from and showing the folly of trying to play God. The planet t a unique place among other lovely locations within which the movie is set.

The Xenomorph
The major complaint about the prequel, Prometheus was the lack of the series main antagonist, the Xenomorph. The monster however made up for this, while helping to build the Engineer structure. This however wasn’t the case in Covenant as we saw a return of a creature that has haunted so many dreams throughout the decades. The Xenomorph came back with so much viciousness that left us wondering if they had revenge set on their minds.
The appearance of the creature came along with a variant, which caused almost the same level of pain to the people on the expedition. is back this time around, and just as vicious as ever. The comeback of the Xenomorphs didn’t appear forced as their presence seemed a necessity.

Michael Fassbender (David)
The synthetic character of Michael Fassbender in Prometheus and the back-story he was given ensured that viewers had something to look forward to and something similar happened with his character in Alien: Covenant.
Michael Fassbender does well in his dual roles, but it is his synthetic character, David that steals the show from the Xenomorphs and the rest of the cast. With David having spent ten years on the Engineer planet, the mischievous android turns his curious abilities into something more sinister which adds to the malicious nature of the planet. and turning his curious nature into something far more sinister.
Michael Fassbender delivers a sterling performance, making his character David, have a significant impact on the series. It is David that takes the shine off the Xenomorphs that have haunted the universe over the years, as he has become the puppet master that keeps on releasing horrors upon humanity.

While Alien: Covenant is not a perfect movie, it beats all the previous entries by offering us more of what was great about that instalment, while not neglecting what made the franchise great. That is what Ridley Scott has built over the years and will hopefully continue.



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  1. Unlike Aliens, and to a degree Alien, Alien covenant is a true and powerful left-wing allegory. David has no choice but to destroy the universe as he knows that he as a creator, which is unfair. Self-awareness and hierarchy are always a lethal combination, and David is the outcome of the clash. Ripley’s story in Aliens was a patriarchal and right-wing reaction to the original 1979 film, which of course makes David’s left-wing story all the more powerful and refreshing

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