The 5 Things That Should Be More Important To You As A Job Seeker

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As a job seeker, what is probably paramount on your mind is getting a job that would pay enough to take care of your bills but you should be thinking of more. Leadership alongside a number of other things should be more important to you. While money is important, it is certainly not everything and despite the fact that you may be well compensated at a job, you should be on the lookout for something that adds value that is much more than an increase in your bank accounts.
One thing that should be important to you as a job seeker is leadership as if the head of the organisation you intend to join has a reputation for innovation, transparency, empathy and inclusiveness, then it will be much more easy for you to be a better person. Leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Aliko Dangote and Mike Adenuga all have essentially built their own brand, which has given young talents an opportunity to thrive.
While you may want to join any of the top companies of this individuals, it is better you join them or any other one at that for the leadership they show during recruitment. Take a critical look at the the type of culture, values and employee development initiatives that the organisation can provide for you.
After all, spending 40 hours a week is a lot of time for someone to commit to, which is why you should be on the lookout for the following values before you commit.

The company you’re looking forward to be a part of should be able to provide you with the company goals, critical feedback and transparency in all their dealings. There is a need for you as a potential employee to connect with the work they would be hired for and place meaning behind it. Ensure that you would be included in the future goals of the company and also aware of any potential losses or setbacks if you do decide to join.

There’s a need for you to feel proud of the company you work for and as such, you need to ask or do an online check of the company you’re thinking of joining. If the company doesn’t have a good reputation you may want to stay away from them. If they however make their problems known to you during the interview, and assure you that they plan to tackle things head on, you can consider joining them.

Career Development
The world has changed so much that an employee can hardly have the same job duties and title from when they get employed till the day they retire from the job. As a job seeker, you should be more concerned with the opportunities that will allow you grow. As such, you should join a company that understands and promotes this factor. They should also provide you with free training, education and leadership development to set you up for the future and in turn get a return on their investment.

It is ideal for you as a job seeker to be particular about organisations that will make face meetings mandatory be it group meetings or one-on-one’s scheduled weekly, monthly or quarterly. There’s a need for you to know your voice matters in any organisation you join and that they can give you a valuable insight into the culture and operations of the company.

While as a job seeker you should look out for a place that makes you accountable for your actions, you should avoid any place that is filled with bosses that breath down your neck. A place where they constantly breath down your neck will disrupting your creativity and ability to communicate, so much so that you may start doubting your abilities.
As such, look for a place with a more hands-off approach that will work more to your favour.




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