Unbox Your Phone – Buy The New Samsung S8 | S8+ And Get A Free Clear View Standing Cover

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With the release of the new Samsung S8 and S8+, smartphone enthusiasts can finally experience a smartphone with revolutionary design and layout.

The Samsung flagship has an amazing screen that envelops the entire surface of the smartphone plus its sides thereby, ensuring a truly smooth and strikingly beautiful device with no bumps or angles.

The Samsung S8 and S8+ offer a solid 360-degree user experience – good camera, water and dust resistant, foolproof security architecture and high-end performance even in the rain.

What’s more? You can experience a whole new level of interaction with your Smartphone, your new intelligent personal assistant.

Samsung S8-Samsung S8+ Nigeria

To reward its customers, Samsung is offering a free clear view standing cover to those who buy the Samsung S8 or S8+ before May 31st 2017.

These devices are available in 3 stunning colors – Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Maple Gold.

Complete specifications of the Samsung S8 and S8+ can be found here.

You can also find the list of stores where you can get the device nationwide here.

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