Tyson: Joshua Makes Boxing Big

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Michael Tyson believes Anthony Joshua has made boxing a big sport again and the Brit’s victory over Klitschko has made the sport appealing.

The match between Joshua and Klitschko attracted an audience of 90,000 at Wembley and a worldwide television coverage.

Michael Tyson has acknowledged the importance of a boxer that attracts headlines and is certain the undefeated Brit is that person.

“If he continues to be that way, his sky is the limit for him,” said Tyson. “Just that one fight changed boxing, that one fight, and that’s what fighting needs.

“Floyd [Mayweather] is making a lot of money and we’ve got a lot of little guys fighting, but what they want to see is a heavyweight fight.

“The heavyweight that knows how to fight, like Joshua, that’s what makes boxing big. The heavyweights make boxing big.

“The other guys can make some money, but they are not making the sport big.”



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