The Mistakes In The Movie Logan You Definitely Missed

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For a number of reasons, Logan caught the attention of movie lovers. For one, it was supposed to be the last time Hugh Jackman would reprise his role as wolverine after playing the role for seventeen years and fans of X-Men could not wait to bid him goodbye after the wonderful memories he has brought to the character.

Logan features Marvel Comics character, Wolverine, and is the tenth installment in the X-Men film series, as well as the third and final Wolverine solo film following X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013).

Asides Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart also makes a return as Professor Charles Xavier and other co-stars include Dafne Keen who plays Laura Kinney/X-23 who is in her first film role, Richard E. Grant as Zander Rice, Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, and Stephen Merchant as Caliban amongst others.

The movie which was released in March of 2017 has so far grossed $607 million worldwide against its $97 million budget, making it the fourth highest-grossing film of 2017.

Despite the huge profit however, there are a number of mistakes in the movie that only a discerning eye can notice. These mistakes have done little to belittle the movie but they are nonetheless, worthy of note.

Interrogation Scene Between Pierce And Caliban

Caliban Logan 2017

There was a little bit of continuity mistake at the scene where Pierce was interrogating Caliban in the house where he and Professor Xavier used as a safe house. At the beginning of the Interrogation in the safe house in Mexico, a lot of the makeup used to make Stephen Merchant (Caliban) look like an albino appears below his nose. This let’s us see the natural skin of the actor in the first close-up of the scene. By the next close-up scene of Pierce and the subsequent switch back to Caliban, the smudge has been fixed.

Blood And Hole On Laura’s Blouse

Laura Logan 2017
At the scene where Pierce hooks and pins down Laura in the chest, Laura has some blood splattered on her blouse and a hole where the hook tore the shirt. Later however in the convenience store, the hole in the shirt is no more, while the blood remains.

Logan Pulling Out Bullets And It’s Shell Casing

Logan 2017
This mistake was at the beginning of the movie. Immediately after the first fight scene where Logan was shown pulling out bullets from his body and dropping them into the sink, the bullets can be noticed with their shell casings still on. The implication of this is that the bullets have not been fired, which isn’t possible if they were fired at Logan and he is retrieving them from his body.

Are there other mistakes you noticed from the movie that we missed out on? Hit the comment section and let us know.



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