Muntari: Racism Is Still A Problem

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Sulley Muntari says he would support an organised player boycott, due to the lack of improvement in racism in football.

The Pescara midfielder was shown a yellow card after complaining about racist chants to the referee in the match against Cagliari. And was shown a second yellow and suspended, which was later lifted, after he left the field of play.

Muntari notes he still heard insults from the crowd in the match against Crotone, which he watched from the bench.

Asked how often he heard racist abuse, Muntari said: “Every game. I was sitting down [Sunday] and it was happening. There was a player playing and it was happening in the stands, so how are we going to tackle this?

“This isn’t the first time it has happened. We talk about it and after maybe one week, two weeks it’s gone. Then, maybe after a month or two later, it happens somewhere and you get calls to talk about it and then it’s shut again.”



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