Kompany: Guardiola Will Do Big Things At City

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Vincent Kompany believes Pep Guardiola will build something special at City, as the players are already buying into his idea.

Guardiola has guaranteed a top four finish for City, but he’ll be finishing the season without a silverware for the first time in his career.

Kompany, however, has faith in the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager and is looking to next season.

He told reporters ahead of a final-day clash with Watford: “I think we’ve got a manager who has come in with a very specific vision of how he wants the game to be played.

“We have a team that will try everything to implement that.

“On certain areas we’ve been doing extremely well and no result or ranking will ever be able to translate that properly.

“We’ve dominated games, been organised, tried to play in a certain way that I always think is the beginning of something better, something special.

“But obviously we’ve lacked in key moments and everyone has to take responsibility for that.

“As long as we recognise that and try to improve on it, then we’re still set up for something good. There’s a lot still to come beyond this year.”

He added: “It does say a lot about the Premier League that two top teams will miss out on the top four. But it’s exciting. Usually you find out a lot about the teams and the players in those kind of moments.

“We’d have preferred to be tighter to first place perhaps, but I’m sure eventually that will be the case. In this instance we’re fighting for a Champions League place and it’s down to details.”



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