Fayose Calls For Buhari’s Resignation, Says “He’s Incapacitated”

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Ayo Fayose Goes On Indefinite Strike

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has called on ailing President Muhammadu Buhari, to resign if he truly loves Nigeria, adding that “we can’t keep waiting for an incapacitated president.” 

Speaking to pressmen in Lagos on Tuesday, Fayose said the president’s ill-health has not allowed him to effectively discharge his constitutional duties.

He said being an “avowed corruption fighter”, Buhari is now under moral burden to save Nigeria from “needless stagnation” arising from his heath challenges.

Appraising the two years of the Buhari administration, Fayose said the All Progressives Congress (APC) government had failed to deliver on its promises.

The governor said fighting corruption was not limited to ‎discovering large sums of money here and there, but doing the right thing at the right time.

Mr. Fayose argued that quitting office when necessary was also an indication of being morally upright.

‎ “So far, the APC-led federal government has been a government of misadventure and Nigerians are worse for it,” he said.

“They say they are fighting corruption but are shielding corrupt elements within their fold. Members of the opposition defect to the APC for protection‎. Fighting corruption is more than discovering huge sums of money all over the place, with nobody being traced to be the owners, moral corruption too is bad.”

‎”He can do us the great help by resigning. Not resigning bothers on his integrity.‎ His absence allows others to suppress and oppress others and that means he is allowing others ‎ to suppress their fellow human beings.‎ There are many governments in one and they are clueless.‎ We need an active president going by our numerous challenges.”

“How long will Nigerians wait for an incapacitated president‎? We cannot wait again for somebody to hold us to ransom.‎ I don’t have any bad blood against Buhari; Osinbajo has no powers without the president. He owes us the duty to tell us the state ‎of his health.”



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  1. I am still looking for that leader that truly loves this country. It could be true that president Buhari means well for the country but his health situation isn’t helping matters and there is need for him rethink his decision of continuity as the nation’s economy isn’t getting any better under his watch.

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