What Women Think About The Common Shoes Men Wear

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Whether you like it or not, the shoes you wear are perhaps the first thing that women see, appreciate and gives the first impression about your style and personality. What you put on your feet give others an abiding first impression about you and women can deduce your kind of person by the footwear you choose to wear.


Except you’re modelling, work for an advertising agency or you’re wearing them with traditional outfits, thongs should be reserved for your home and backyard. Wearing it to the the beach or at home makes you seem more relaxed, which is how every woman wants to feel around the man they like.


These shoes show that you’re the type of man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and she probably will do the same. Converse are the shoes for men who have refused to grow up and it will appeal to women that fall in the same category.


Oxfords are staple.wears for men that work in formal environments and is also common in the wardrobes of men that have well-cut suits and racks of classic shoes to match. When you wear Stylish Oxford brogues, women think of you as a man that us stylish and fashionable enough to know what suits him. They also see you as business-like and someone who wants things done the right way.


Boots are staples of engineers and motorbike riders. More so, wearing unlaced boots with your jeans probably went out of fashion in 2010 and she will most likely see you as someone holding on to the relics of the past. Chelsea boots on the other hand are a different ball game as they are a slimline classic which she knows will never go out of style, just like the person wearing it.


Loafers are the go to for native and traditional outfits, especially those that are made from suede with tassels or leather with a rounded toe. If you wear a sleek pair of loafers to casual occasions, she thinks of you as someone who has style and knows what’s trendy.

Trendy Runners

Trendy runners will be well appreciated by every woman, especially when you wear them to the gym. It shows her that you’re a man with contemporary tastes, who is keen on looking sharp, especially when you pair them with casual wears.

Monk Strap

Monk straps are the premium dress shoes that every man should have. This is because it helps to communicate and show everyone you come across that you have loads of confidence. These shoes are also a favourite of young corporate executives wishing to climb up the ladder of success with their ingenuity. Women will also think of you as someone that earns enough to spend a bit on his shoes.

Square Toes
If you have shoes that looks like they’ve been designed with a set square, it’s best you ditch them. Square-toed formal shoes should be reserved for managers of departmental stores who just want to move up the chain and that is exactly what she would think about you if you wear such.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes can usually be spotted being worn with polo shirts and are usually the exclusive preserve of upscale men who have an eye for comfort and versatility. And that’s exactly what she will think of you.



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